Catherine Freeman develops type 2 diabetes whilst pregnant

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    • Re: Catherine Freeman develops type 2 diabetes whilst pregnant

      sinders wrote:

      i had gestational diabeties with one child, they gave me two weeks, on diet (although told me to eat low fat what a joke) anywya obviously no change so straight onto insulin

      oh yeah and that was only 6 years ago

      We must have kids about the same age, Sinders - my firstborn daughter was 6 in May this year, and I had GD with her. Got sent to a dietitian who wanted me to eat a low fat, high carb diet, which of course didn't help me either, so I had to do insulin too.

      Same with my son 18 months later.

      I think I got diagnosed around 25 weeks the first time because I was late having my glucose test because we were holidaying overseas, and with my son they tested me early, around 16 weeks I think, and of course I had it and went straight on to insulin with him.

      Thankfully it went away after I delivered, and the occasional finger prick test shows good blood sugar levels. I don't expect to dodge the diabetic bullet forever though, so will probably develop it at some stage, but I'm hoping it holds off (I'm 43 now).