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    • BT exercise

      Just started BT. I use the exercise bike for 30-60 minutes per day. Sometimes I'm unable to do the 10,000 steps, so is the exercise bike okay to do when I can't do the 10,000 steps? :confused:

      I'm so excited. :) I've been on BT for 4 days and already lost 1-2 kilos! I know I shouldn't step on the scales so much, but I can't help myself!

      I'm 5 foot 1 inch (155cm), 46yrs & 63kgs and would like to get to around 55-56kgs. I can really see me getting there!

      I hope someone out there can answer my exercise question! :)))

      (a happy positive person now)
    • Re: BT exercise

      Hi Julie, well done so far and I believe any form of exercise is fantastic, as long as your heart rate increases. I'm not familiar with BT but I know with WW it was always encouraged to walk at least 10 000. Are you expected to do that daily? I think with WW it was at least 4 times a week.

      I exercise every other day, a self confirmed couch potato here, so I really need to push myself to do the exercise so to me you are doing terrific :D
    • Re: BT exercise

      Thanks for that Shazza :)

      I do think walking is great way to exercise, but I'm a bit of a hermit, so the walk consists of the grocery shop, bank and tending to house and garden chores. A pedometer might come in handy, because just doing the chores would take a couple of thousand steps I'm sure.

      Bodytrim write that if you can have your 3 (protein meals) + 3 (protein snacks) and 10,000 steps a day, you're maximising the benefit of getting your metabolic rate up and thereby losing weight.

      But you're right any form of exercise is great!

      Jewls :)

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    • Re: BT exercise

      Hi jewls

      You are doing great. Sometimes I find the 10,000 steps hard to achieve in a day, but what ive done to compensate on the days I cant or dont have enough time(it takes me and hour and 20 mins to get my 10,000 steps). Ive actually calculated how many calories I burn doing my steps, so if I can do the full hour and 20 minute walk, I will do some cardio that will help me burn roughly the same amount of a Pump class or Zumba or cycling. I love to cycle and take my hat off to you because I can only last around 40 mins on a bike cos my butt hurts!!! LOL

      Any best of luck to you x

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    • Re: BT exercise

      Thanks for your encouragement Angel :) I have continued doing 45 minutes on the exercise bike and it has paid off! I'm 1.5kg away from my goal weight! I borrowed a friends pedometer and I on most days I would be doing the 10,000 and then some, so I think the exercise bike was an added extra! ...and it compensated for my wine I like to have in the evenings, which I just wouldn't give up! ;)

      I started off in early February 2011 in the overweight range of my BMI (63.5kg for 155cm), and am now in the normal range of my BMI (57.5kg for 155cm) - weighed in on my scales today. If I can get to 56kg before I go away to Europe on 24 May, then I could then afford to put on a little bit. It is so scary to think about putting on weight now that I've lost it... So the secret will be in trying to be as good as I can for the 3.5 weeks I'm away!

      BT works for me.
    • Re: BT exercise

      I was wondering, I do a lot of walking at work (about 12'000 steps on a 9hour shift) but it's a lot of stop/starting. Once I get home, I'm pretty tired and the last thing I want to do is go for a half hour non-stop walk. Do you think I'm getting enough excercise for a few days a week and fit in a half hour walk say every second day?
    • Re: BT exercise

      Hi agree with Angel, Aristess ~ plenty! :) With that and following BT, you're definitely on the right track.

      Actually another thing that I didn't do (am I bad!?) is the last snack. I don't eat dinner until 7.30 - 8.00pm, so I just couldn't eat the last 50g snack. I do wonder if I could've lost the weight a lot faster if I had...?

      Angel - don't you think it is hard being short and keeping weight off? It is so easy to put on, and when you're short, the weight shows, even if it is only a little bit... Looking at your ticker, you don't have far to go!!! :)

      Cheers & pats on the back all round! :)

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    • Re: BT exercise

      Jewls, yes it is sooooo hard. I didnt exercise at all for three days last week because I was sick and felt so guilty because I know even a couple of hundred grams gained and I feel the difference.

      Ive pretty much gone against everything we were taught "dont eat right before you go to bed", but Im going with Geoff Jowett and have been eating my last snack about ten mins before bed. I never wake up hungry. As soon as he said he did it, I started too because i find the gap between dinner and bed time too long. If I have dinner at 6.30, I will have a snack at 8pm, then another snack before bed. Sometimes im snacking every 1.5 - 2 hrs.

      seems to be working but time will tell
    • Re: BT exercise

      Keep positive Angel! My daughter, who is 21 is doing BT too. She like you has about 10kg to go, and finds the snacks hard, especially when she's at Uni. She doesn't like taking eggs, coz in lectures, if she unwrapped her egg, it would smell, so she's reverting to yoghurt and can't get to exercise every day. But, she's still losing weight and that's the main thing!

      ~ Sending my best wishes to all us BT'ers out there! ~
    • Re: BT exercise

      Thanks Jewls!! :-))

      Suggestions for your daughter. If she likes bacon, cook up a few strips and have it in a little container, or a few pieces of ham or shredded chicken. Cottage cheese is good too. Yes I know the dreaded stench of a yummy egg!!! lol Best of luck, woohoo, not long to go for you!!! :-))
    • Re: BT exercise

      I try and get my 10,000 steps and usually do, I also love doing the Billy Blanks Ab workout, and in doing that for a week dropped 4 cms of my waist! woo hoo.. plus it's easy to do. :)

      I also starting doing Zumba, I thought that if it were fun I'd be more likely to stick to it.. so far I've done it only a few times.

      For me I love the walking, and the kids have been helpful, they ride their bikes and that way I can walk as fast or slow as I like.
    • Re: BT exercise

      I have zumba for the Wii but haven't gotten it out of the packet yet!

      I am into day three of protein only and for exercise I have been doing...... Drum roll please..... SHEEP WORK! What's that do you ask? Basically, it means I have been chasing sheep through a series of yards in order to separate old from young, ewes from lambs etc. when they don't move it involves a lot of running around and that is exactly what the previous three days have been like.

      I just wish I could find my pedometer. I would love to know how many steps it was worth.
    • Re: BT exercise

      Unfortunately I have to just do walking tomorrow. The sheep work is finished for a while. Until about December when we put the boys in with the girls and the cycle starts all over again. There are lots of places to work and it is quite undulating so it will still be strenuous.

      We only have one sheep dog - and the chihuahua who "thinks" he's a sheepdog. I think he really helped out weight wise as much of time I had to carry him and flap just one arm to get the girls moving. Let's face it, my left arm felt really heavy after it all and I was quite relieved to put him back on the ground - they ewes would trample a little dog given the chance but he insists! The real sheep dog does her thing well in the yard but has had her moments where she's left the lot to me!

      Tomorrow I plan to walk in the morning after the children have gone to school. I am hoping I can get them up and on the bus and not have to drive them.