Bodytrim 3 day Protein Only Detox -Help!

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    • Bodytrim 3 day Protein Only Detox -Help!

      OMG! I am half way through day 2 and am sooo hungry! I feel light headed too.

      I've had bacon n eggs at brekky, small tin flavoured tuna or egg for snacks. As soon as I eat I am only briefly satisfied for about an hour. Meat for lunch & dinner.

      This is killing me:mad:

      I find I am watching the clock all the time waiting for the next 'fix' of food :eek:

      From what I've read elsewhere no one else is starving like this, they all say their their full.

      80kgs (want to be 60kg):rolleyes:
    • Re: Bodytrim 3 day Protein Only Detox -Help!

      LnJ, I don't know anything about BT but it sounds like murder:eek: I hope that someone on BT can chime in and give you some advice.

      Are you drinking lots of water? With any detox programme you need lots of water, when I first started I found lots of water eased the head ache/light headedness.

      All the best :)
    • Re: Bodytrim 3 day Protein Only Detox -Help!

      Hi LnJ,

      I am Bting and I had headaches for the first 2 days because I was coming off carbs!:eek:

      You can eat up to every hour if you need to (which I needed to do this time). I found that eating every hour kept me focused and kept the hunger at bay as well so I didn;t slip.

      Now....... I am fine - I have to remind myself to eat.

      Good luck!
    • Re: Bodytrim 3 day Protein Only Detox -Help!

      So glad you were able to stick at it. Yes fuzzy head is a common side effect of carb detox. I remember being hungry as well but as Sixtyeight says you can eat every hour if you need to.

      Even now sometimes I have something every hour if I need to on PO days after free day. Its ok to eat when your are hungry just dont eat carbs. Its hard sometimes because the things I used to reach for for a quick fix was all carbs - biscuits, crackers, muffins, cakes. So its been a thinking game to now reach for an egg or some cold meat or nuts.

      But dont veggies taste great now :D:D
      Kapay :)
    • Re: Bodytrim 3 day Protein Only Detox -Help!

      I think this WOE attunes us more to the real flavours in foods...every time I eat sweet potato I am in heaven...every morsel I appreciate... really does get easier
      You don't need eyes to see you need vision... Maxy Jazz....Faithless

      [Blocked Image:] 155kilos 7/2009...I started this time 19/9/2010
    • Re: Bodytrim 3 day Protein Only Detox -Help!

      i thought i would just quickly add - i admire u guys that are doing the 3 day detox but i never did it - i lost 15 kilos and then stopped cause i fell pregnant and i stated again this week but i dont do the 3 day detox i just do a PO day then start as normal i have already lost 3 kg this week 95kg to 92kg.
      good luck all :)
    • Re: Bodytrim 3 day Protein Only Detox -Help!

      Hi, I am on day 5 of BT today. The first day I felt sick but once I started to eat half a snack every hour and drink the water I was fine. Your kidneys dont cope with the high protein if you dont drink the water, it is very important. I am doing fine with the food, but the water is my problem as I dont get thirsty. Good luck.:o
    • Re: Bodytrim 3 day Protein Only Detox -Help!

      I've just finished the first day of the BT Carb Detox and I'm glad that I am not alone in struggling. As a larger guy (101kg, wanting to get to 80kg) who has an exceptionally sweet tooth, I found that today has been quite difficult and there's still 2 days to go. I'm going to stick with it, as I have two very good 16 month old twin daughters. I want to be able to keep up with them, and watch them grow into lovely young women. I can't do that if I shuffle off this moratl coil before my time.

      Here's hoping things get better tomorrow....
    • Re: Bodytrim 3 day Protein Only Detox -Help!

      I wish I'd seen this thread earlier this week. I started the BT 3 days of PO on Monday and I STRUGGLED!!!!

      I wasn't hungry so much but from 2pm onwards each day I started really craving carbs and to a lesser extent sugar. On the evening of my third night I caved and had two pieces of bread. But what I love about this forum is that you guys are all so encouraging that instead of using those two pieces of bread as an excuse to chuck the whole thing in I just got up on Thursday and continued as if nothing had changed :D

      I was blown away because last night I had a cheat meal as I was out and could only eat half of what I'd normally eat before I felt too full to continue!!! Then I felt uncomfortable and later became really queasy. I think it was because of the fat and carbs. Again - normally because I'd had to eat something outside of the BT diet I normally would've used that as an excuse to go off the rails but I just accepted that I had to eat something within my budget which limited what was possible. Even though I haven't followed BT as I "should've" I'm eating so much better than I normally do.

      I'm also really enjoying the sweetness in fruit and vegetables now. It's amazing!

      Thanks for all of your posts

    • Re: Bodytrim 3 day Protein Only Detox -Help!

      Glad to hear you got through the Detox Chicita. In my personal opinion, that's the hardest part of BT over and done with for good. Once you start getting into the routine of the weight loss phase you would be amazed at how you no longer crave those foods that you thought you couldn't live without before starting. So long as you stay strong in your mindset about sticking to the program the weight will start falling off. This in itself is a massive motivation for you to keep going, as you are already seeing results.

      Just 4 weeks in, and I am really starting to see the difference. I am getting so many comments about how much thinner I look. Even my regular hair stylist, who I haven't seen for 2 months or more commented on how much thinner I look. Again, this is a great boost to self esteem and confidence which encourages you to keep on going.