Stillborn baby survives after doctors 'froze' her

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    • Stillborn baby survives after doctors 'froze' her

      How cool is this:

      Stillborn baby survives after doctors 'froze' her

      A baby girl who was born dead after a traumatic birth has amazingly survived after her doctors froze her for three days.

      Baby Ella Anderson was born nine months ago in a British hospital. During her birth, her mother's placenta ruptured and the baby bled to death in the womb.

      She was revived by doctors 25 minutes after her birth however she suffered oxygen starvation and hospital staff feared she could be left with crippling brain damage.

      The decision was made to use cutting edge cooling technology to help revive the newborn. According to The Sun, the technique works by slowing down the metabolism of the brain, enabling it to repair itself.

      She was wrapped in a blanket filled with cold water and her temperature was allowed to plummet from 37C to 33.5C.

      According to her father, Jason Anderson, "I laid my hand on her head - and she was ice cold to the touch."

      After 72 hours, her body temperature was slowly raised by half a degree at a time. At 11 days old, she was allowed home.

      Ella is now nine months old and so far, all scans have shown no brain abnormalities. She still needs physiotherapy however doctors have been amazed with her progress.

      According to her doctor Dr Topun Austin, the treatment works for one in nine babies starved of oxygen.

      Ella's mum Rachel Claxton, says, "We still can't be sure of the future, or what problems she might face, but so far she's gone from strength to strength."
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