Changes to editing features

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    • Changes to editing features

      I am thinking of changing the editing permissions like a lot of other forums where you can only edit within a certain time frame and then after that if you need help you need to ask a moderator (like me) to do it for you.

      The reason being is that, you have bots or scripts out there that try to gain access to peoples accounts to spam. I never really realised how prevelant this was until I actually caught a person logged into one of our long term members accounts and in the process of editing her posts. Hence why I put up a notice recently about having strong passwords.

      Now I only found this by chance, who knows how many times this has happenned already that I don't know about? This forum is 9 years old, that means a lot of members whom possibly have weak passwords and whom I have no way of reaching. Someone could just come in and edit out their posts or edit in very unsavoury posts be it spam or not very nice images. I have already caught this many times before with new members posting supposedly benign posts, then coming back sometimes months later and editing in spam or unsavoury images. Unless by chance I get suspicious and check a persons posts or someone stumbles across the post, there is no way of knowing and it could be there indefinitely. This was my reason for removing the editing function for new members when they first join.

      I was looking at who is online just before and found 3 different bots/scripts trying to log in, obviously I have banned them but it's impossible for me to catch every one, I have taken to even banning ip ranges but they still keep coming. My only solution that I can think that will stop them from logging into old inactive accounts with weak passwords and editing them, is to remove the editing function. But I don't want to remove it out right, but rather put a time frame on it. What do you think?

      This won't prevent everything, it will only prevent the editing of posts so I still have to think of other solutions.
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      Let me know if you think of anything else handy from the site to put here.
    • Re: Changes to editing features

      I can't see why you don't disable it actually. I mean if we make a real boo boo we can ask moderator to delete. If it is just typos/spelling etc we can just do a quick reply. and say ooops should read xxxx if you follow.

      The risk is really rather high and as you say, we are 9 years old and we want to stay a healthy POH!
      Bron Doingit
      Now to maintain.....hard work! :D
    • Re: Changes to editing features

      Ok by the lack of feedback I am thinking everybody agrees with Bron so I will look into changing it this week. I am thinking I will do something like LCF does where people can edit for a short time after making the post though I might make it 24 or so hours, as I know some like to have a food diary and edit in their food each day as it goes on.
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      Let me know if you think of anything else handy from the site to put here.