Calling All Bodytrimmers ???

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    • Calling All Bodytrimmers ???

      Hi there,
      so this is my second crack at bodytrim. first time was incredibly successful. went from 95kg to 75kg. Unfortunately after a baby, I am right back up there ;( I thought it would be good for bodytrimmers to come on here, post where you are up to in the process, and encourage each other. It sometimes feels awesome to hear someones progress or struggle.

      I am on day 3 of the carb detox. someone give me my cereal!! :) tomorrow morning yahooooo. So i thought we could post tips and all that, but mainly keep it to accountability and encouragement to get each other across the line.
    • Re: Calling All Bodytrimmers ???

      Hi Lisamacdaddy! I'm on my second week of BT. Your story sounds familiar, I'm here post baby too :) I hope you're having a great day, being able to eat a bit more variety!!
    • Re: Calling All Bodytrimmers ???

      Hello fellow Bt'ers.

      While you are just beginning I am entering into my second YEAR of Bt :eek:

      I hope I can encourage you all to keep going no matter what. I didn't think it would take me this long but I made a decision to make this my lifestyle so I'm here for the long haul.

      I have 25kgs to lose all up and only 14 down. But hey, I had nine weeks holiday last year AND survived all the birthdays, Easter and Xmas. So I think I'm doing ok. :confused: It took a whole lot longer to gain so I'm in front.

      I have plateaued since Xmas as well but have now kicked that. So onwards and downwards people, lets get this thing over with. :D
      Kapay :)
    • Re: Calling All Bodytrimmers ???

      my second go at bodytrim round 1 saw me drop 11kgs!! very pleased with myself.. i now weigh 86 kgs and would like to have another baby but i know im too heavy to enjoy being pregnant and have a new baby so here i am trying to get to 75kgs before i get pregnant. i really need to be strict and not let myself down again, so here goes take 2!!:D
    • Re: Calling All Bodytrimmers ???

      Hi all BT's. This is my umpteenth time at restarting BT. Had a brilliant 19 kg loss the first time and have been struggling to get into the zone (while I put back on 17 of those kgs). Day 2 of detox and feeling .... mediocre but I know feeling fantastic is just around the corner. In the zone BT's. It works! Day 4 vegetables here I come! Lindy
    • Re: Calling All Bodytrimmers ???

      Hi everyone,
      This thread is exactly what I need. I started BT in August last year and lost 7kg by November. Over the summer holidays, I put on 2kg and am struggling to lose them again. Once they're gone, I want to lose another 2.
      I was SO disciplined the first time around and I'm struggling to get back into it!
    • Re: Calling All Bodytrimmers ???

      I have found that over Xmas I put on a couple of kgs. My head kept saying "that its ok, you will loose that quick enough. It just melted off before so it will again".

      Maybe we self sabotage when we are going well because now we know the secret we can "loose it anytime". My husband would not give up smoking because he could stop anytime without any trouble. So he would never do it. Then of course when he did it was very very hard.

      Do we fall off the wagon cause we had success before so will again. I am trying very hard not to fall into that trap. I didnt give up smoking without a lot of pain :o
      Kapay :)
    • Re: Calling All Bodytrimmers ???

      Hi all, finished my first week and lost 3.8kg yeah. I was shocked considering that on my free day (Sat) I went to town as we had a party to go to. I was a bit dubious about the whole free day thing to start with but it makes sense that your body then doesn't feel like your in starvation mode. Not that I am starving by any means, I am sometimes finding it quite hard to eat my snacks. Anyway new week and although I won't lose that amount again I am confident that with this way of eating I can get to my goal of losing 50kgs. Have a great week everyone:)
    • Re: Calling All Bodytrimmers ???

      Day 2 for me - Had a work out this morning at 6am - felt awesome once I finished... lost a load of water weight from yesterday down 3.7kg on the scales since yesterday very suprised. Feeling really confident with this diet and am sure I will stick it through.

      Hey Pumey - I'm glad you enjoyed your toast :) and sald I miss salad and veg... only 2 days to go!

      And Thistle - great weight loss for your fist week, congratulations! Don't worry about cheat day... we do it for a reason :D
    • Re: Calling All Bodytrimmers ???

      So awesome to hear from everyone. Its so good to know that we are all at the same point! i made it throught the first week:)just...haha. I was 3.5 kilos down which is better than nothing. I need to lose about 15 atleast to be the healthy weight i want to be to get pregnant again. so inspired by all of you! we can do this!!
      ps how GOOD is the free day. haha. best time of week.
      love to you all.
    • Re: Calling All Bodytrimmers ???

      Congrats lisamacdaddy on your first weeks loss, 3.5 is definitely better than nothing you should be proud of yourself and I agree we can all do this especially if we support each other. I have been dieting on and off for over 25 years and have lost and gained +++ numerous times. I am grateful that I found this forum as maybe this will be the time I get it off and keep it off. Have a great second week, keep us posted.
    • Re: Calling All Bodytrimmers ???

      Hi BT's. Day 5 done and dusted. In the BT zone and feeling great starting to get my energy back - (ran for the train ...panted a lot when I got there but did it); not hungry and haven't been tempted to stray at this early stage; work skirt a tad looser. yay. Glad to be on board Lisamacdaddy, Pumey, Thistle, Kapay, Fiasco & Tazschick. I am here to stay come good times and bad times. I am thinking that if I am doing BT badly, it is better than not doing it at all - I will not spend months saying I will start again and eating like a maniac as though I am going to miss out on something... the past is the past and here is to the future - slimmer future (i mean that in a good way) Lindy:
    • Re: Calling All Bodytrimmers ???

      Thanks lovelies. Yes week one is over and into week 2. You are both right, we are going to do it this time! And for life! Not just a few weeks/ months. It's so much better to be doing the best version of bodytrim that you can, than to be eating crap all the time. Until last week when I started bodytrim,I was addicted to food. Bad food. I scoffed as much food as I could right up to the night before I started. Bad eating depresses me, so I eat more :) bad cycle. But I don't want to go back there, to eating ridiculously. I felt sick all
      The time, I ate so often that I didn't even feel
      Hungry, I just ate for the sake of it. Naughty food is for the weekend. Thats the rule I'm trying to teach myself for life. Keep going girls!!! Our goal weight is on it's way!!!! :)
    • Re: Calling All Bodytrimmers ???

      Prior to starting BT I would wolf down the largest plate of carbs known to man & woman (also usually my first meal of the day!) and although I would be so bloated afterwards I would be hungry again about an hour later. Now I am finding that I sometimes have to leave some food on my plate as I feel so full. It just makes sense.