Mood Swings on BodyTrims 3 day carb detox

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    • Mood Swings on BodyTrims 3 day carb detox

      I'm finishing day 2 of BodyTrims 3 day carb detox and all evening my mood has been quite low. Finding myself getting offended at the smallest things or not finding things funny. But now, after talking about it to my partner I'm feeling a bit better.
      Has anyone else felt this way on the protein only days or during the BodyTrim system? Is it because I'm 'detoxing' off carbs/sugar/alcohol that is causing this? I'm just hoping I'm not a moody cow for much longer!!
    • Re: Mood Swings on BodyTrims 3 day carb detox

      I went a bit weirdly moody when I was doing the 3 day detox, I think it was around the 2 day mark too. I've been doing it about 2 weeks now and it's settled down, I'm feeling really good now. So I'd say stick with it and see how it goes:) Good luck!!
    • Re: Mood Swings on BodyTrims 3 day carb detox

      Hang in there it doesn't last - or it didn't for me. These days the "carb hangover" from free day is what gives me the "I'd rather stay in bed" feeling.

      Once you start proper weight loss phase and give it a couple of weeks you feel so much better than you ever have.

      I didn't realise I was feeling so good until one day I had a headache and snapped at my son and realised I had not had a bad mood in weeks (I'd not had a headache in a long time too). They (my husband and son) had noticed my lack of grumps but were too glad to mention it in case it stopped :)

      These days a bad mood is a rare occasion that could be because my blood sugar is stable with no incredible highs and devastating lows.

      Good on you for starting out on this wonderful way of eating. Good luck :D
      Kapay :)
    • Re: Mood Swings on BodyTrims 3 day carb detox

      Thanks everyone. I have reached day 1 of the weight loss phase and starting to feel better. I found out a colleague has done BodyTrim and spoke very highly of it, she will be starting again 1st April so we can support each other on the night shifts, which I find is the hardest shift as I used to pick at food all night!