Atkins Induction

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    • Atkins Induction


      Just started Induction today. Ive tried to have a good read but its been more of a skim so need to read up and make sure Im counting everything. &month is teething and has a cold and my 4 year old has not stopped saying mummy all day but ill try and have a good read tonight. This is what ive had today and plan for the rest is it sounding ok? I know snacks arent necessary but im a huge snavker and have lots in the day way to many usually so ive added just two snacks and will see how i go kind of make them an optional and cut them when im ready.

      1 and half rash of bacon and 2 eggs 0 carb

      25g Boccochini about 0.5

      Salad with chicken and cheese plus mayo 5.5

      will be some swiss cheese 1

      broccoli cauli and pumpkuin with butter 9
      lamb chop

      after if needed
      jelly and 1 tbspn cream

      So about 18g carbs
    • Re: Atkins Induction

      Day 3 and doing well with induction (i think). Feeling fine except my eyes feel very fuzzy today anyone else had that? Otherwise no headaches. I had heaps when I gave up diet coke two months ago so maybe my body is happy to give me a break while i come off sugar. I ordered the new Atkins book today, has anyone else read it. I had a look at the website and it looks like this one is a little more focused on protein and a little less on fat and a bit watch the calories? Will be good to read anyway.
    • Re: Atkins Induction

      hey gets easier...I think the variety of what you eat is important...otherwise you get bored...there are heaps of great recipes around in this forum...
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    • Re: Atkins Induction

      Thanks everyone. Day 7 today. I weighed this morning and have lost 3.3 so was nice to see to know im eating about right. I didnt have to much variety this week just wanted to keep first week simple. I have a menu plan for next week with little more variety but not changing to much just a few knew things. Im starting to get my head around it and feeling more confident. Ive had something different each day. One day fuzzy eyes, one day a crampy tummy another day light headed, but they all clear and once i get the twitchy legs sorted I hope ill be feeling better than ever. My sweet cravings seem a lot lot better. I want them when i see them at shops but not craving and when i do i have a liitle something thats mainly fat. Im going to leave it a bit until I add in anything with sweetner though im thinking to get through easter I may make a basic mini cheesecake without a bottom just cream cheese and jelly or the cheese muffins but dont want to make these things a regular thing at least until I feel safer with the sweet taste. Been researching the different books and decided ill stay with the 2002 Atkins.
    • Re: Atkins Induction

      2002 is a good book mind you even though I have the new one I haven't read it so can't really comment. If I remember right Darrel Lea make sugar free Easter eggs (if they don't make you too windy :o) ;)
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      Let me know if you think of anything else handy from the site to put here.