Belly Fat Cure - anyone tried this?

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    • Belly Fat Cure - anyone tried this?

      Hi there,

      It's been a very long time since I've visited the POH site. Life! What can I say? Anyway...too tired, too fat, and about ready to give up. Have been totally off plan for a long time. Son gave me a good talking to recently (gotta be cruel to be kind).

      So, here I am, yet again...searching for the holy grail on how to lose and keep it off.

      Have tried everything except limiting sugar! Duh! Have only been a total sweet tooth all my life. Some things take a while to register. LOL!

      Am partway through reading David Gillespie's book "Sweet Poison Quit Plan".

      Have also just discovered the Belly Fat Cure (author Jorge - pronounced "haw hey" Cruise).

      Am leaning towards the Belly Fat Cure, although David Gillespie's book got me thinking about how sugar has been added to so many foods since the "low fat" craze took hold.

      I'm at the computer quite a bit for work so tend to download kindle books a bit. Got the Belly Fat Cure as a kindle download on amazon (lot cheaper than regular books).

      Has anyone tried the BFC and, if so, what are your thoughts?

      One faithfull follower of the BFC has created a great blog called I've downloaded her spreadsheet and am adding lots of things to it. Working for me but it's only early days.

      One thing that surprised the heck out of me - I feel satisfied! Not just not hungry but actually satisfied and content. I cannot remember the last time I felt like this....maybe many, many moons ago...i.e. mid 70s when I was a teenager, eating mum's cooking (lots of veges, couple of fruits a day, meat a few times a week, hardly any junk, etc).

      I did not have a weight problem until I left home and had access to all the sweet things my sugar loving appetite desired!

      Sorry for long post, will try not to ramble in future.

      Cheers to all,

      ozgal :)

      Ozgal (LCHF looks like the plan for me)

      It's all about the journey!
    • Re: Belly Fat Cure - anyone tried this?

      Welcome back Ozgal :)

      Didn't you limit sugar when you were here before? or do you mean since you fell of the wagon?
      Low Carb in a Nutshell ~ Carb Counts ~ Research ~ Measurements/Conversions ~ Glossary

      Let me know if you think of anything else handy from the site to put here.
    • Re: Belly Fat Cure - anyone tried this?

      Hi Sherrie,

      Yes, I did limit sugar when I was here a long, long time ago. Many sugary morsels have passed my lips, straight to my hips (and other places) since then.

      Am hoping I can understand sugar is not my friend this time around!


      Ozgal (LCHF looks like the plan for me)

      It's all about the journey!
    • Re: Belly Fat Cure - anyone tried this?

      Hi again,

      Just a bit more detail about the Belly Fat Cure, just in case no-one has heard of it.

      It's a bit different to Atkins and as I've only just started it, I cannot provide any stats with regards to success or not. Am really hoping it works though!

      Anyway, here goes:

      The basic premise of the program is to limit sugar and carbs.

      A ratio of 15/6 is allowed per day, i.e. 15 g of sugar and 6 serves of carbs.

      Sugar serves are easy - 1g sugar = 1 serve of sugar.
      A table is used to calculate the carb serves, i.e. a certain number of carb grams make up one serve.

      Here's the table:
      0-4g carbs = 0 serve
      5-20g carbs = 1 serve
      21-40g carbs = 2 serves
      41-60g carbs = 3 serves
      61-80g carbs = 4 serves
      81-100g carbs = 5 serves
      101-120g carbs = 6 serves

      One advocate of the BFC, mentioned in my initial post, decided to create a blog of her journey at She's done well and has lost 63 lbs - about 28.5 kg, following this method.

      She further simplifies the 15/6 rule (using the table above), as follows:

      You add the Carb grams of everything you are having in that meal together and figure out the serving.

      Along with having a guideline of 15/6 for the day, you have one for each meal of 5/2. For each meal you should not go over 2 Carb Servings, which potentially could mean up to 40grams. Don't try and max it out, or get the most you can. That is working the system and it won't work that way. Jorge explains that going over 5grams Sugar and 2 Servings of Carbs spikes your insulin levels and locks in all the Sugar you just consumed. That make the 5/2 per meal guidelines the real key to success for the this program.

      The Belly Fat Cure is NOT about eating 15g Sugar and 120g Carbohydrates a day. If that is what you are doing, you are actually missing the point all together. Those are the MAXIMUM you could possibly consume, but in no way is it a goal to reach.

      As also mentioned in my first post, I downloaded a spreadsheet from the "meandjorge" site. Only carbs, sugars and fibre are recorded. Each meal has a code, i.e. B=Breakfast, L=Lunch, D=Dinner, S1, S2 and S3 for snack 1, snack 2, snack 3.

      By entering the meal code in the far left column of the spreadsheet the "carbs and sugars per meal" are counted (to keep an eye on the ratio of 5/2 - 5 sugars/2 carbs rule). Have attached a screenshot of spreadsheet, showing food diary so far today.

      I'm only on Day 2 but so far am liking this plan. I'd love to hear from anyone who may have tried this or just thoughts any POH members may have about it.

      P.S. To calculate Belly Fat Cure values it is necessary to use American counts. If you look at my spreadsheet you will see I have recorded sugar, carb and fibre values (from Jorge Cruise says to use the carb values given (i.e. do not subtract fibre values which USA guides often recommend doing). I suppose at the end of each day though, if you subtract the total fibre grams from the total carb grams, it might equate more closely to how we count carbs in Australia. Hope this does not make everything too confusing.

      Ozgal (LCHF looks like the plan for me)

      It's all about the journey!

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