Teens on Body trim

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    • Teens on Body trim

      Hi Guys,

      I was just wondering if anyone can give advice on 12 year old girls doing body trim?
      A family friend is 12 years old and weighs 90kg.

      Mum has just bought the body trim program, more to teach herself than the 12 year old. 12 year old will help with shopping and be involved actively in food choices etc, so that along the way she learns also.
      Mum is one of these naturally skinny people, who even at 45 and 4 children later, can eat as much as and whatever she likes, and is still a tiny petite person, so has never really looked at nutrition in this manner.

      I was wondering would a 12 year old need more protein than the BT recommended amounts?
      How much more would people suggest?
      Also should carb amounts be increased?
      Or is there a recommended calorie amount per day that would be suitable for a teen?

      I am really enjoying reading the information on this forum! there is so much of it and so many experienced and knowledgable people :)
    • Re: Teens on Body trim

      I think it's awesome she is trying to eat better. However, I wouldnt throw her straight into the full BT program, I think as a 12yr old it will be quite a shock to her system and she will struggle, especially with the 3 day detox.

      I would recommend just cutting her carb portions down and then slowly replacing them with the right carbs This way its gradual for her and the transition is smoother.:D
    • Re: Teens on Body trim

      A teenager should require more calories then an adult so I'd be weary of restricting fat too much. I would contact bodytrim and ask them what they would suggest out of curiosity.

      I would probably just put her on a more general low carb, nothing too strict and see how she goes.
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      Let me know if you think of anything else handy from the site to put here.
    • Re: Teens on Body trim

      Thanks Angel and Sherrie :)

      I ended up putting this post up on the bodytrim forum as well and one of their nutritionists responded with a lengthy response, but similar to what you have both said :)

      I have just emailed Mum and worked with her today and told her about the response on the Bodytrim site, she is going to ring them, as also suggested by them, she has bought the pack so i told her she may as well!!

      Interestingly teen was looking at the BT pack and pointed out to Mum that there doesn't seem to be any fruits, she asked if it meant she can't have bananas :)
      I thought it was great that the teen herself noticed fruit missing, not chocolate and junk LOL

      The nutritionist also said that as a teen she will require fruit for vitamins etc...

      that is a very interesting point about Thyroid Sherrie!!! I honestly don't know the answer but am sending a link to Mum for this thread as well.

      I know she has mentioned the weight to the family doctor a year or so ago and he basically weighed her and said meh pfffft she will be right, give her full fat milk, butter etc she will just grow out of it.
      From what i can gather teen is somewhat, perhaps obsessed is not the right word, but preoccupied with food? just going by what i have heard from Mum.

      They are slowly using up junk food in the house and replacing it with healthier foods, so that is a great start in itself :)

      It is something that the whole family is now going to do, and the angle is health, even Mum who is skinny skinny skinny LOL has told teen that it doesn't mean she is healthy so she wants them all to be healthy more than the weightloss angle :)
    • Re: Teens on Body trim

      90kg seems like an awful lot for a 12 year old girl which is why I wonder about thyroid. Having said that it also depends on her height and build. But it's a good thing that your doc didn't try and put her on some really restrictive diet that will just mess up her metabolism. Being 12 she could still hit a growth spurt and grow out of it.
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      Let me know if you think of anything else handy from the site to put here.
    • Re: Teens on Body trim

      Her height is about my height which is 162cm

      Mum is slightly shorter than me but apparently Dad is quite tall and bulky, so you could be right about a growth spurt and her build.

      I agree its good that the doctor didn't get silly, but i do think that its good they are dealing with this and finding a healthy way to do so.

      I am looking forward to following their journey to health :)

      Just even little things like going for walks, Mum said normally they would go to the milkbar so she can get an ice cream, i suggested walking to a different park, discovering their area and what it has to offer, rather than going for an ice cream :)