egg nests

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    • i didn't think i'd ever enjoy a simple egg ever again, but these were really fun. great for brekkie or brunch and apparently to cook with kids, since the recipe is from a french children's cookbook :)

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      eggs, depending on how many nests you want to make
      gryere chesse, finely grated, about half a cup for 3 eggs (figure you can replace with parmesan, but the nutty flavour of gryere goes extremely well


      1. preheat oven to 230 C.

      2. seperate egg whites and yolks (keep yolks in seperate bowls or mugs).

      3. add salt and beat egg whites very stiff.

      4. fold in cheese.

      5. form heaps of egg white mixture on a baking sheet or small oven pan and leave indentations in the middle, big enough to hold a yolk.

      6. place in oven for 3 minutes till heaps begin to brown slightly.

      7. remove and carefully add yolk in the middle.

      8. put back into oven for 3 minutes.

      9. enjoy!

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    • Re: egg nests

      i wouldn't do that, but what you can do is reduce the temperature to 180 C after the initial 3 minutes and increase the second cooking time. the downside of it is that the yolk will not look nice and shiny but a bit crinkled.... it'' still taste yummy though :).
      - Thought creates reality and then says I didn't do it! -