Low mood - Depression

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    • Low mood - Depression

      Well I have been taking the calcium, magnesium and Vit C. The pottassium will come next but I have to ease into it. (No help with the pain in the legs as yet, but it's early days and I am not up to dose yet).

      I spoke breifly about having a low mood since I have been on Atkins and I put it down to other things but now I am starting to worry.

      Sherrie, you suggested some honey in a warm drink before I go to sleep. What if I added half a potato to my evening meal?

      I really don't want to give up on this WOL. I feel it holds to answer to my life time of dieting and food troubles.
      But I can't keep going like this. It feels as though it may be slipping into something more serious. I just can't risk it. :(

      Does anyone have any experience with low mood and low carb? If so - what did you do to help yourself? Did you have to go off the eating plan?

      Any help appreciated.


      p.s. Have added more carbs via vegetables and nuts. Still no diff.
    • Re: Low mood - Depression

      Give it a go, I wouldn't worry if a slight dip out of ketosis means you feel better. The main thing is to try the extra carbs at night to hopefully boost serotonin production and see if it helps. If that doesn't work see if there's something that you're eating a lot of that you never did before. Also make sure you're getting plenty of vitamins and minerals, take a supp if you're not sure.
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      Let me know if you think of anything else handy from the site to put here.
    • Re: Low mood - Depression

      Thanks Sherrie. I do appreciate all the help and advice you have shared.

      I have decided upon the potato with skin on and dripping with butter and a sprinkle of potassium. I will have it right before bed so hopefully that may help elevate my mood.

      I will do this for a week or so and report back and in the mean time give more thought to the other matters you brought up in your reply.

    • Re: Low mood - Depression

      hi grace,

      when was your last blood test? i once felt really low and depressed for a long phase and it turned out i had very low iron levels and basically no vitamin d in me... taking both as supplements has made a huge difference, maybe worth a try?

      having said that, i tried to do atkins multiple times and eventually came to the point where i had to face the truth, that a very lc diet just isn't for me. it was very frustrating especially since i saw so many people here losing so much weight and coping really well. but ultimately we're different and so are the nutritional requirements of our bodies, and very lc put me into a very bad mood, i felt lethargic and eventually went on high carb binges regularly.

      now i still eat low carbish but nowhere near ketosis. i make sure to get protein and carbs (preferably those that cause a very slow insulin reaction, for example lentils instead of potatoes) in every meal and i feel 100% better, energetic and cheerful. and it even helped weight loss...

      good luck,
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