Hi. New to low carb but responding well!

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    • Hi. New to low carb but responding well!

      Hi everyone. I've been low carbing now for only a week but am pleasantly surprised by how easy it is compared to other low fat diets! I've been on weight watchers before where you can eat treats from time to time if you have calories (points) left over but this just made me so hungry all the time. I ended up having so many treats that I got bigger, not smaller!

      So far I've had no problems with sticking to a fairly low carb count of 20g per day and I feel much better - no more bloating and more energy. I haven't done much exercise though so I don't know if my energy levels have really been put to the test.

      I'm starting off at 75kg and would like to get to 55kg. It sounds daunting to me but I've been inspired by the weight loss success of many of you. I am determined to make this a life change and not stress too much if the kilos don't come off quickly. I know eventually if I remain true to the principles it will work!

      I'm sure I'll need lots of motivation along the way! Hopefully I'll find it in these forums.

      I intend to post some before, during and after photos as soon as I'm allowed into the gallery.

    • Re: Hi. New to low carb but responding well!

      Hey Flipside,

      I look forward to reading your future posts about how you're travelling with this weight loss thang, as your outlook (happy to lose weight slowly/healthily so it stays off) and indeed our weightloss targets are somewhat similar.

      Wishing you much luck on this ride,

      Texy ;)
    • Re: Hi. New to low carb but responding well!

      Oh, and I have yet to kick myself up the bum and start excersizing yet either, apart from some fitball routines that I do sporadically. Having said that, when I do do the fitball routine (I follow a dvd) it really makes me sweat, so I can recommend it, but I need to do it regularly and get some cardio happening too. I bought the fitball with an accompanying 1/2 hour dvd at k-mart and think it's a good start for excersizing at home if your not excersizing yet & I'm pretty sure they're still selling at k-mart too if you're interested.
      Texy ;)