Doing Atkins Induction...

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    • Doing Atkins Induction...

      Hi all

      I am going to do Atkins induction starting tomorrow. I did this a few years back and I know it works for weight loss. But I do feel low carb is a way of life. I have managed to cut bread from my diet and I don't miss it anymore. But I went away on holiday recently and ate anything including bread again and have been finding it hard to motivate myself again. So I am going to be strict with carbs for a couple of weeks and get back on track and hopefully get rid of cravings I am getting. Anyway, what i would love to do is make a list to put on my fridge of basic meals I can make. I find I go wrong if I'm bored and can't think of anything nice to make. So any suggestions would be appreciated. Here is an example of the start of my list:

      Scrambed Eggs
      Sausage and Egg
      Bacon and Egg

      Tuna with Salad
      Chicken with Salad
      Pan friend Salmon with Salad
      Ham and Salad
      (all this salad sounds boring but I love it and these are regular lunches for me since cutting bread. Very open to new ideas but)

      Roast port, beef or lamb with low carb veges
      Rissoles and Veg
      Steak and Veg

      I am also feeding a young family so I like to keep it simple. Any help appreciated!
    • Re: Doing Atkins Induction...

      looks good :)

      beef strogg or paprika chicken is always a good one in this weather. Taco salad is good too, you could make a big batch for dinner and keep some for lunch :)
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      Let me know if you think of anything else handy from the site to put here.
    • Re: Doing Atkins Induction...

      You can make tacos, just wrap it all up in lettuce leaves. They are incredibly filling.

      Pizza can be made with a flattened chicken breast as the base. The kids will love this one.

      If you feel like having mashed potato, rice or potato salad (which are no-nos), you can substitute with cauliflower. For mashed potato simply steam until really soft, then use a handblender to turn into an almost paste and add a small amount of cream cheese to help thicken it up and make it creamy. You might want to add just a little garlic for taste. Makes an awesome topping for shepherd's pie.

      For rice or rice salad, simply grate the flowers into small pieces and cook up in a fry pan, then add whatever you normally would. Use the stalks cut into cubes for potato salad, just steam until soft but still firm and mix with a little mayo.

      You can also cut zucchini into thin strips for spaghetti, or cut thin slices out of cabbage.

      Hope these helps.
    • Re: Doing Atkins Induction...

      I make casseroles out of eggs, cheese and veggies and sometime meats. That would work well for a family, especially if served with a green salad. And don't feel that you have to only have breakfast foods at breakfast or dinner foods at dinner - you can have them at any meal.
    • Re: Doing Atkins Induction...

      Agree with Laffin. I had some leftover chicken drumsticks for breakfast and Ive been know n to have cheesecake for breakfast or lunch but I try and make cheesecake a weekend thing. its induction friendly but for me triggers hunger. I love the lettuce leaf tacos. I make a creamy chicken casserole once aweek for dinner its yum or bolognaise with zucchini pasta is another fav here. Look at the induction recipes on this site they are delicious and will give you good ideas.
    • Re: Doing Atkins Induction...

      I'm not familiar with Atkins induction but I this easy microwave Spinach Quiche.

      Mix together 4 lightly beaten eggs, i cup grated cheese and 1 .250g pkt frozen spinach. Microwave on high for 10 mins.
      Substitute mushrooms or capsicum for spinach if desired.