Exercising full on while in Ketosis

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    • Exercising full on while in Ketosis


      Just wanted to ask.. I am now in Ketosis and averaging 5 RPM classes and two PT sessions a week.

      Should I be eating more? It is just that sometimes I feel a bit faint and my heart rate gets up very high.

      Never have I combined low carb with this much exercise before.

      Any tips or hints would be good. I am just doing low carb.. Started off with the 17 day diet but then started back on Atkins.

      Thanks. :)
    • Re: Exercising full on while in Ketosis

      Hey Tams,

      You might be experiencing electrolyte issues, I would probably be getting some electrolytes in (specifically sodium and potassium) and probably experimenting with carb intake. I don't think very low carb goes with intensive exercise, particularly if intensive cardio. That doesn't mean give up but just raise your intake to a level that makes you feel best whilst still giving you the benefits you're after, e.g. weight loss, blood sugar control, better moods etc
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      Let me know if you think of anything else handy from the site to put here.
    • Re: Exercising full on while in Ketosis

      Mhm, I had the same issues. I normally run 5 to 8kms 4 times a week and strength train 3 days a week. I definitely had the light headed thing going on and salt definitely helps a lot. My rule of thumb is that if you lick salt (I literally pour some in my hand and lick it lolll) and it tastes good then that's what I needed. It's kind of weird; it definitely tastes salty, but not in a repulsive way. I'm also lucky, cause I got my hands on some potassium pills when I got sick a few months back and the doctors gave me a prescription for potassium pills cause I was throwing up & losing electrolytes. I never took them then, but I'm taking now haha. It really helps.

      I also take a multivitamin for women. I don't know if you have the same thing in Australia, but my preferred multivitamin is One-a-Day for Women with Metabolism Boost. It has caffeine in it, so if I forget to make coffee in the morning I don't end up with a pounding headache. ^^