I'm 18, new to Body Trim NEED SUPPORT!

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    • I'm 18, new to Body Trim NEED SUPPORT!

      Hello Everyone :) I'm Charlotte Rose, I'm an 18 year old girl apprentice hairdresser and just recently started body trim. I decided to try Body Trim for a couple reasons but mainly because my mum purchased it and she needed some support!

      Sooo.. I'm around 166 CM tall, & last time I weighed in I was about 74 kilos. I'm not extremely overweight, but since moving from england age 14 I struggled a lot with the change.. I've always had loads of friends but looking back I pretty much gave up on myself and used to eat crap day in day out. I'm a bit chubby I suppose, but for example don't even feel comfortable or confident enough to go out in a short dress/heels like the rest of my friends and its pathetic!

      I'm currently on day two of the three day carb detox, surprisingly easy for me. I'm also a vegetarian so i've stuck to eggs, veggie meat, protein bars, sculpt lo carb shakes, and lentil patties. I'm feeling pretty confident but nervous, I usually eat well but used to scoff lots of carbs/bread/sugar then little activity.. I'm a young girl and just want advice, friends and people I can talk to about my journey! :)

      In 8 weeks im off back to england for a holiday so any tips, help, giggles and advice would be awesome! Don't be scared to respond, thanks, Charlotte :D
    • Re: I'm 18, new to Body Trim NEED SUPPORT!

      Awww hello everybody I didn't expect such reponses! :) I'd like to keep updated and would totally love it if we can all share our days on here for support etc. Vegetarian BT is going well! :) I love quorn brand vegetarian sausages! They are keeping me sane ha, best part is they are meat and soy free, not into soy overload! Wooo and also people today is end of day THREE carb detox and I'm so happy!! I have done amazing- weird how much I'm craving veggies. I love them always but yeah, I'm craving some broccoli haahha! How was everyone's day! I'd love to hear your stories! Char :)
    • Re: I'm 18, new to Body Trim NEED SUPPORT!

      Don't be concerned to eat more, just make sure you stick to the basics, eat every 3 hours, make sure you get enough protein etc. Don't be disappointed in a 2 kg loss. 2kg's is a lot ! Particularly in just a few days.
      Sounds like you're topped up on motivation right now which is good. It's be great to have family doing it. I am lucky my partner kinda does BT (although he has a lotta free days lol!). He's great though, and it's nice to have the support :)
    • Re: I'm 18, new to Body Trim NEED SUPPORT!

      Hi Charlotte,

      Don't stress too muh about overeating on BT - after a couple of weeks you will find your pattern, or rhythm and it will get easier. Taking on a new lifestyle change is challenging but the rewards are even better.
      Starting over!

      Using mini goals:

      1st Goal: 140.0 kg

      [Blocked Image: http://swlf.lilyslim.com/N9CDp11.png]

      "A diet is the penalty we pay for exceeding the feed limit".

      "If hunger is not the problem, then eating is NOT the solution".