5 ingredients or less !!!!!!!!!

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    • 5 ingredients or less !!!!!!!!!

      Hi guys...need some ideas but i get really put off by the length of some recipes.......so im hoping everyone can come up with ideas with 5 or less ingredients..............:confused:
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    • Re: 5 ingredients or less !!!!!!!!!

      ok mine is

      300 ml cream
      3 eggs
      1 cup sweeter
      a pinch of cream of tartar
      flavour. (vanilla essence or what ever)

      ive posted before i think its under sinders icecream

      so in three bowls.
      whip cream, whip whites with sweetner and cream of tartar. whip yolks. fold yolks into cream mixture. and then do by thirds. fold whites into the cream/egg mixture.

      freeze and enjoy.
    • Re: 5 ingredients or less !!!!!!!!!

      This is one of my fav's for brekky - I've changed it slightly from the original but I dont remember where it came from

      Ham & Ricotta Tarts
      50g ham chopped
      150 g fresh ricotta
      3 eggs, beaten
      1/2 cup fresh diced vegetables - I like tomato, caspsicum and shallots but you can use mushrooms, spinach, zucchini, grated carrot - whatever you prefer

      Blend together the eggs and ricotta quickly: stir in the chopped vegetables and chopped ham. You can reserve some thin slices of tomato, zucchini or mushroom to decorate the tops of the tarts if you wish. Fill a muffin tin with the ricotta mix and top with the reserved slices for decoration and bake in the oven for 20-25 minutes.

      If you make 6 muffins, each will contain 50g of protein. I also add in some italian herbs or some sweet chilli relish to spice it up abit.
    • Re: 5 ingredients or less !!!!!!!!!

      Here another for fake chocolate. I an not a fan if dark chocolate so I have been playing around with cold pressed coconut oil. Take a scoop of your favorite protein powder mix with a scoop of cold water until completely dissolved. It gets thick and gluggy. Add 2tbsp liquid coconut oil and frizz in a blender until creamy. Add anything you like until coated. Smear on baking paper and refrigerate until set. You may have to play with measurements until you have a mix that sets as all protein shakes are different and you can be neater in putting it together.

      The blending emulsifies the water and oil. Si more mixing equals thicker mixture. You also need to work warm as the coconut oil is solid at 76 degrees.
    • Re: 5 ingredients or less !!!!!!!!!

      Chicken mince with cauliflower rice

      2 large heads of cauliflower (more if you want)
      100gms chicken mince
      1 tspn of classic tomato pasta sauce (5mls - 0.5 carbs or 9.7 carbs per 100 mls)
      1 tblspn of greek yoghurt (20mls - 1.5 carbs or 7.5 gms carbs 100mls)
      greek spices

      Chop cauliflower in the food processor until it resembles rice in size. Microwave on high (do not add extra water) for 2-3 mins and let continue to steam while you are cooking the mince.

      Cook chicken mince in non stick frying pan.
      When cooked add 1 large tspn of the tomato pasta sauce and mix through.
      Sprinke with Greek seasoning

      Add mince to cauli-rice

      Add 1 tbspn of greek yoghurt and mix all together.

      It is creamy and thick like risotto and fills you up for ages!

      This is what I have for lunch most days when I am home. I can't guarantee it is BT complient but I love it! I have worked out the sauces only to be 2 - 2.5gms carbs per serve). The chicken and cauliflower should fall under the BT complient food group??

      BTW I often make extra cauli rice for the days ahead and keep it in the fridge to be cooked at a later time. (I hate cleaning the foor processor)
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    • Re: 5 ingredients or less !!!!!!!!!

      annie111 wrote:

      Hi guys...need some ideas but i get really put off by the length of some recipes.......so im hoping everyone can come up with ideas with 5 or less ingredients..............:confused:

      I love the idea of this thread!
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    • Re: 5 ingredients or less !!!!!!!!!

      Sticky chicken

      -chicken pieces (maryland, breasts, wings, ribs, anything)
      -Pepsi light (with the brown label, which has no sugar and no caffeine)
      -Lee Kum Kee chicken marinade

      I just made this up this week, although there are probably other similar recipes out there. Hubby (non-low-carber) loves it.

      1. Put chicken in saucepan/frypan
      2. Pour in enough Pepsi light to go 1-2 centimetres above the base of the pan
      3. Add about 1/ cup chicken marinade to the pan
      4. Swish the pan around to make the Pepsi light and chicken marinade mix
      5. Cook on medium heat until the sauce starts to thicken. Let the pan cool down for a couple of minutes, and it will leave a delicious sauce on the base of the pan.
    • Re: 5 ingredients or less !!!!!!!!!

      Hi Sherrie

      Yes, it does have aspartame in it. However the amount being used isn't enough to worry me in this case. For those people who are drinking two or three litres of diet soft drink a day, maybe...

      You are right about sweeeteners, though - they all have negative effects and I think it's just a matter of weighing up which one is best for the individual in the situation.
    • Re: 5 ingredients or less !!!!!!!!!

      I would be concerned if I was you. Yeah all artificial sweeteners are bad but aspartame is in a league of its own, and heating it just makes it way worse:


      At the end of the day it's your health that you're risking so it's up to you but I'm sure there are diet colas out there made with other sweeteners that don't become more toxic when heated. Might be worth looking into.

      Speaking of which, does anyone know of a diet cola that is NOT sweetened with aspartame? I've been wanting to find one lately so I can have my vanilla vodka with diet cola instead of the real thing (on free days only of course). Sooo yummy, it's like an alcoholic vanilla coke :)
    • Re: 5 ingredients or less !!!!!!!!!

      Any of the natural sweeteners (Natvia, Xylitol, Erythritol etc) would be best, but Splenda is suitable to be heated so is good for baking. Unfortunately Splenda has also been associated with negative health affects so you would still be better off going for one of the natural ones.