Day 7 Done! - Woohoo for me!!!

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    • Day 7 Done! - Woohoo for me!!!

      Day 7 is nearly over and I am really happy!

      This has been a great week for me with the only side effect being a low-grade headache on about day 5 which disappeared on waking the following morning. I must say I do find it hard to eat 6 times a day as I tended to under-eat rather than over-eat before due to food intolerances and work set up.

      I have lost 1.3kg in weight this week which is not so impressive on its own so I am thrilled that I had also taken my measurements too as Loss, Loss, Loss - woohoo!

      I have lost 4cm from my bust and 3cm from both my waist and hips. I have ankles again and my face isn't bloated nor are my knees or belly. I can see and feel the difference.

      I feel good and love this site. So glad I found it. I haven't told anyone what I am doing and so far nobody has noticed. I hate the way everyone has to have an opinion about diets and comment on everything you eat and how you look. I have decided to keep this little secret just to share with you guys only. I don't need any negativity whatsoever around me atm.

      The key for me is to be really organised and think about meals in advance with lots of variety. I am trying to eat living colour as they say.

      I am trying to plan my free day for Saturday but surprisingly there is nothing that I am missing or craving so not sure what I am going to indulge in. No doubt, on the day I will manage to knock back a few old faves though. With our beautiful weather I am thinking perhaps fish and chips and a long walk on the beach afterwards but I really am not hanging out for anything.

      How is everyone else getting along? I am keen to hear so let me know.
    • Re: Day 7 Done! - Woohoo for me!!!

      well done wicked1 that's a fantastic achievement!
      I too am doing great. I'm doing Atkins but using but using Power of Protein recipes if that makes sense and so far I've lost 10 kilos since 24th May this year. 10 cm of my bust, 10cm off my waist and 5 cm off my hips. This week I'm back at curves, have done three workouts so far and tomorrow I'm doing my first zumba class since january. So far nobody has noticed my weight loss either but I have and that's what matters. What's really surprising me is I don't need smaller clothes yet but that will come....soon I hope! Keep up the good work wicked1, you're a winner!
    • Re: Day 7 Done! - Woohoo for me!!!

      Thanks so much guys for your encouragement.
      I put on 500g overnight for no reason whatsoever but measurements have stayed reduced - sigh of relief! Little fat cells clinging on for dear life - probably suffering from separation anxiety - I'll be patient with them for a little while longer ;).
    • Re: Day 7 Done! - Woohoo for me!!!

      Hi Swayzesmum,
      Thanks for your enthusiasm over my first week.
      You sound like you are going full steam ahead.
      Well done you - amazing result with your loss not only on the scales but with the measurements too. I hope you enjoy Zumba. Stories like your are really inspiring.
      Have a good weekend.