Your tips for low-carb success?

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    • Your tips for low-carb success?

      Low-carb dieting is new to me. What are your tips for successful low-carb living?

      Here are my struggles:
      - my carb cravings are triggered by anxiety. Therefore, I need to learn to deal with my anxiety and look for comfort beyond eating carbs.

      - mental: sometimes I think I can't do it, that I won't be able to lose the weight, I won't be the thin person I aspire to be.
    • Re: Your tips for low-carb success?

      My struggle is that I am an emotional eater, whenever my hubby and I have an argument or if something isn't going my way, I need comfort, and of course that comfort is food.

      Otherwise evenings are the worst. I do perfectly fine during the day, but after dinner I just want something sweet! Usually it settles after 20 minutes, but it is the looongest 20 minutes in the world!

      So that's the two things I need to work on.

      Otherwise it isn't that hard at all. I restrict myself to products with 5 g (or less)/carbs per 100 g. I don't count calories, if you are on a low carb diet and increase your intake of fat, you usually get the feeling of being full much faster. And after the first week of hell, the sugar detox, you know you can do anything if you get over that!
    • Re: Your tips for low-carb success?

      I found I would binge on carbs after a workout because I felt the need to replenish. I now take protein shakes after a workout and it is like a Godsend. They revitalise me like you would not believe. I reccomend ASN HP 100 Protein powder. It smells bad but the taste is okay. It is more expensive but it is meant to be one of the best
    • Re: Your tips for low-carb success?

      I like forum support and this is an exceptionally good one. Develop a "can do" attitude and create a graph showing your weight losses on a weekly basis. Put it on the fridge door or study it while in the bathroom.
      I also have a goal and a several new slinky dresses for our upcoming cruise.We cruise each year and I watch my figure and weight 99% of the time. Losing it is way to hard in my opinion. It's probably the reason I weigh daily (shameful, I know).
      Believe in yourself.