BT has arrived

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    • BT has arrived

      Body trim has arrived going to start on Monday morning..
      Can anyone give me info on their first 3 days of detox..
      what kind of foods did you pack for lunches and any yummy recipes that can be made for the detox..
      Thanks heaps
    • Re: BT has arrived

      Hi Minny,

      I did my detox the simple way and stuck pretty much to meat and eggs. The only thing different to that I did was eat diet jelly.

      I had no problems in the mornings just having breakfast, snack & lunch but after lunch I found I was hungry so I had extra snacks............which you can do........just so long as they are only 50g and within an hour of each other...........that's what helped the most........I found if I had something I got through without eating bad stuff.

      I'm the same every protein only day......but I enjoy it......I start off by having bacon and egg each morning.........makes me feel like I'm not on a diet. I also had lots of boiled eggs around for snacks.

      Good luck with your detox, remember it's only 3 days and you do come out the other end without all the craving.

    • Re: BT has arrived

      Well got through the Detox easliy enough but by the end of 3 days I was looking for some greens..

      Its 7 days tomorrow since I started so will do my weigh in tomorrow.Im hoping for any loss,just any will make me happy.:p

      Somewhere on here I have seen speadsheets that can be downloaded but cant find them can anyone guide me in the right direction please?

    • Re: BT has arrived

      What I found was having all my snacks prepared so didnt have to really think too hard about it and drink lots of water,I got through 3 liters a day as didnt want any dreaded headaches to put me off,, I did have a strange metalic taste in my mouth tho,but all good apparently ment my body was starting to burn some fat (Going into ketos???)well that was what someone told me.. LOL so that made me feel happy,burning fat yeehaa!!!
      Just take every hr as it comes and you will be saying yep that was easier than I thought it was..
      If Im wrong about the above Im very happy for someone to correct me..and put me on the right track..:o