Homemade Chinese Cup-a-Soup

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    • Homemade Chinese Cup-a-Soup

      This one is great to take to work! A Chinese colleague of mine shared a soup recipe and I've sort of converted it to be an instant cup-a-soup type thing because it's so good I wanted to take it to work....
      Carb count varies depending on the ingredients obviously, but I work mine out to around between 4 and 7g per serve. If I want it lower, I just change the ingredients to only veggies/greens.
      So, here goes.... this is a guide rather than an actual recipe, change it up as you please

      1x shallot finely sliced
      handful of coriander
      finely sliced asian green (one or two pieces of buk choy or similar)
      slice of ginger (you won't eat this, it's for flavour)
      couple of sliced fish balls (from asian stores) or sliced/shredded cooked chicken, beef etc
      Couple of sliced fried tofu cubes (asian stores)
      Sliced mushroom or black fungus (the fungus has a great crunchy texture, buy it dried and soak it first to rehydrate)
      About a tablespoon of soy sauce
      About a teaspoon of sersame oil

      Put all in a large mug or bowl (preferably with a sealed lid if you are taking it somewhere)

      When you're ready, just pour boiling water in and stir up.

      I do a weekly trip to the asian grocer and buy enough to make this every day for the week. It's actually really cheap although it sounds like a lot of ingredients and very quick to prepare in the morning, about 5-10 minutes.
    • Re: Homemade Chinese Cup-a-Soup

      yep love it too.. be careful of the balls ( i so want to laugh right now).. some of the fish ones at my local asian grocer were 6-7 gms carbs on their own. I decided that Id stick with beef as they were the lowerest variety, you could also open a pack of low carb noodles, and use them over a few days, they can get by for a few hours without refridgeration. would be a very filling meal.. yummo
    • Re: Homemade Chinese Cup-a-Soup

      hehehe, thanks gwenni
      I look through all the different fish balls at the store to find the lowest carb ones. The ones I get are about 6g per 100g, the pack is 190g and there are about 12 balls. I use 2 per cup of soup, so it works out pretty well. Same with the fried Tofu.... I saw the beef ones, but haven't tried them yet, the colour kinda turned me off and I just love the fish ones, hard to go past.
      I've also tried those carb-free noodles (made from yam I think, like shiritaki but a different brand) and although I quite like them, they really make me, well, how do I put this nicely....can't think of a way so I'll just say it...fart ....a lot!:eek: