Low carb English Muffins

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    • Low carb English Muffins

      Below is the original recipe from Dana Carpender's 1001 low carb recipes that can be found online as an EBook. I increased the yeast to 2 teaspoons and added extra water probably in total to 1 cup. The original recipe uses a breadmaker which I don't have so I kneaded for about 10 mins (quick a sticky dough) let rest for 1/2 hour and kneaded again for another 10mins. Pressed out to the thickness of an egg ring and the cut out rounds. It made 8 in my method. I then let rest in a warm place for another 30 mins. I then put them on a pizza tray with holes in it to bake. In my oven I cooked them for 20 mins at 160c then covered them with alfoil and cooked for another 20mins. I don't know how crispy they would get without the alfoil but they came out beautiful this way. I use Define vanilla protein powder so they are slightly sweet and need no extra sweetener. They came out with the consistency of chewy wholemeal and are very hard not to eat all at once. I served them as rolls at a dinner party and I barely managed to get one. No one knew they were low carb. The counts at the end of the recipe are for six so recalculate for the number you make.

      This recipe book has the bet recipes for low carbers and I am working my way through it. Good luck with it.

      English Muffins

      Yes, you can make your own low-carb English Muffins. The yogurt is what gives them that characteristic, mildly sour taste.

      ½ cup (120 ml) warm water
      ½ cup (115 g) yogurt
      1 teaspoon salt
      2/3 cup (70 g) vital wheat gluten
      ¼ cup (45 g) psyllium husks
      2 tablespoons (14 g) raw wheat germ
      ¼ cup (25 g) wheat bran
      ½ cup (60 h) oat flour
      ½ cup (65 g) vanilla whey protein powder
      1½ teaspoons yeast
      Put the ingredients in your bread machine in the order given and run until the end of the “rise” cycle. Remove the dough from the machine.
      Using just enough oat flour on your work surface to keep the dough from sticking, pat the dough out so it’s ½ inch (1.3 cm) thick.
      Using a tin can with both ends removed as a cutter (a tuna can works well), cut rounds from the dough. Cover them with a clean cloth, set them aside in a warm place, and let them rise for about 1 hour or until they’ve doubled in bulk.
      Heat a heavy skillet or griddle over medium-low heat. Scatter the surface lightly with wheat germ to prevent sticking and place as many muffins in the skillet as will fit easily. Let the muffins cook for about 6 minutes per side or until they’re browned. Eat these just like you would regular English muffins—split them, toast them, and butter them.
      Yield: About 6 muffins, or 12 servings
      Each with 13 grams of carbohydrates and 6.5 grams of fiber, for a total of 6.5 grams of usable carbs and 14 grams of protein. Analysis does not include butter.

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    • Re: Low carb English Muffins

      Just a quick update. Made this as a loaf yesterday and it turned out great. It needed a total of 70mins in the oven and again I covered in alfoil after 20mins. It rose nicely for a heavy bread. The texture was good enough to cut thin slices. It also toasts. I was a bit slack in watching the toast so I burned a couple but still it low enough in carbs for me to make small sandwiches with the protein filling.

      I should warn you that it's easy to over eat this and to freeze the extra slices for other meals.
    • Re: Low carb English Muffins

      Apologies up front.

      I cut and pasted the recipe from my ebook and the measurement for wheat gluten flour should be 2/3 cup. The fraction didn't copy across. Hopefully the 70g mentioned made it okay for anyone who made this.

      Sherrie is it possible to change in the original recipe so that people can see up front.
    • Re: Low carb English Muffins

      Mind you I could only do the big 2/3 because I don't know how to do the little ones, it didn't show up as formatting so I have no idea how this forum does it!
      Low Carb in a Nutshell ~ Carb Counts ~ Research ~ Measurements/Conversions ~ Glossary

      Let me know if you think of anything else handy from the site to put here.
    • Re: Low carb English Muffins

      I borrowed a bread maker and used it to mix the dough also bought some Peter van & bread man gluten flour. Still did the egg ring cutting and ended up with double the dough. I suppose the mechanical mixing worked the dough better.

      Started baking them and they took over my oven. I have one family pizza sized muffin with vague break lines where they originally touched and 2 inches high. How did that happen. Huh

      They deflated once I took it out of the oven but I though it maybe a good flat bread recipe. Does the brand and freshness of gluten flour make that much difference. Still tastes the same so not complaining.
    • Re: Low carb English Muffins Update

      I have made these a few times and can now finish off the comments. Using a bread maker to mix the dough gives you 16 muffins. So you can adjust the carbs accordingly. I have used these constantly during our dinner parties and have had a great response from guests. They do toast beautifully but are a bit small for regular toasters so I put them in the griller or the sandwich press. I tried to an unflavoured protein powder but didn't like them as much.

      By only eating one during a main meal or filled with deli meat and cheese they do not raise my blood sugar beyond a vegetable serve so thats a great result for me.

      This is a keeper recipe for me.