Stuck, don't seem to be losing

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    • Stuck, don't seem to be losing

      hi all,

      it's 2 or 3 weeks now since I went back to Curves and began excercising again after a break of about 6 month. During that 6 month break I lost 10 kilos with no exercise at all but now since I started moving my lazy butt I seem to be going nowhere fast. I have lost no weight or cm but I haven't gained either. But I feel heavier, bogged down as it were. I've gone over and over what I eat, nothing new has crept in to my diet so that's not it, in fact I think my diet is slightly better as I've cut back on salt and sweetners. Has anyone else ever had this happen to them?

      PS off to Curves lol
    • Re: Stuck, don't seem to be losing

      It could be hormones, are you having issues in that department?

      Was there a reason for cutting out salt?
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    • Re: Stuck, don't seem to be losing

      I don't think think it's hormonal, I'm past all that I'm happy to say. No real reason for cutting back on the salt (or sweetners) except that I was finding food too salty (or sweet). Old faves like bacon just seem to be saltier than ever and I've taken to rinsing it before I cook it, it helps. And I've started drinking my tea without sweetners and have almost given up diet soft drinks completely, they're just too sweet, I'm down to maybe 2 a week now. I still have 10 days until my next weigh-in, I'm looking forward to it but dreading it too
    • Re: Stuck, don't seem to be losing

      It's because you are exercising.

      I know...sounds crazy right?

      There is a theory espoused in Very Low Carb circles that exercise hinders weight loss. Gary Taubes suggests this in his book 'Why We get Fat'.
      Check out what he says on Youtube.

      Of course..... yeah I expect to be flamed for kicking over that sacred cow.