I really don't like introductions

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    • I really don't like introductions

      You probably figured out that I don't like introductions. It's not to be rude, I just never really know what to say about myself and end up rambling!

      I'm 26 and live in rural-ish NSW, working in a call centre and getting married November next year to a beautiful girl. We both decided we are sick of being overweight and decided to battle together something we struggled with on our own.

      I'm as tall as I'm ever going to get in life, standing 5'7 and am very overweight (obese actually according to my doctor, he didn't appreciate it when I told him that obese sounds nicer than overweight anyway) at approx 142.8kg when I started this lifestyle change a week or two ago. I've fallen off the wagon once already, but am straight back on it and not giving up and am for the most part living off Optifast (reccomended by a dietician) either having 3 a day, or 2 and then a healthy dinner. Have wanted to start going for walks after work, but shiftwork and crappy weather don't make for great motivation. And to be honest, I hate walking. A few years ago I used to do a lot of running and loved it, but now even walking seems like a huge chore that results in sore feet.

      We've joined a local Anytime Fitness gym that is opening here next month which is just two blocks from work so that should be really good too for me before/after work.

      So to sum it up, why am I here? To talk to people that are in the same boat that I am without having to feel embaressed.. as it is I hide my shakes when I'm at work and have lunch by myself because I don't want people to think "oh, that fatty is trying to loose weight! haha!".

      So hope to see you all around and hope this place is a lot more active than the last forum I joined :)

      Peace out!
    • Re: I really don't like introductions

      Thanks Sherrie, no I havent to be honest, I don't really know that much about dieting except eating less and doing more makes you lose weight.

      The missus put us onto these shakes and I'm not that fussed really, seems to be working and I don't get hungry but they aren't a long term solution - I know I can't live the rest of my life on 4 flavours of shakes! We'll swap to real food at some point I imagine :)
    • Re: I really don't like introductions


      Your intro strikes a chord. I can't imagine how you feel about eating infront of others if you feel ridiculed. It is so important for you to be focused on what your doing not on people around you. What ever plan your on you are doing this for YOU not them. Hold you head up high and know that your on the path to a happier healthier you.

      I like Sherrie am an Atkins girl and have found that no one realizes that I'm eating any differently than the folks around me. I also just do my thing as it works for me.
    • Re: I really don't like introductions

      Thanks Krisma, I'm sure I'm not alone but I feel just as self conscious eating something healthy, as I would sitting in McDonalds eating a large double quarter pounder meal and a cheeseburger. Funny isn't it?

      I 'should' feel good that I'm starting, but right now it feels like I've acheived nothing. Like most people I like instant results and weight loss just doesn't work like that.

      I'll have the same issue when the gym opens, I've got to just suck it up and go sweat/jiggle/huff in front of a bunch of good looking strangers! I know in three months my attitude will change significantly once I started to notice some differences though.
    • Re: I really don't like introductions

      I could give you the spiel about it took time to put on weight it will take time to loose but I will point out the logic. How much do you think is a reasonable weight loss over what period of time. Calculate if that's achievable without starving. I'm not a fan of shakes so I don't know what your drinking. If they are with milk then that would be a lot of milk.

      Have you had blood tests to give you a baseline reading to work on. Blood glucose thyroid and liver function are a good indicator of many conditions that can hinder weight loss.

      Did you see the dietician yourself or with your partner. You may find that different plans work for different people. Everyone has their favorite plan that works for them.

      About the gym. I don't work out but when I did trust me they weren't all perfect and a large percentage (not all) were just people doing their own thing for their own reasons.
    • Re: I really don't like introductions

      It's true about gradually putting on weight. You always know you aren't thin, but oneday you see a photo of yourself and think "Is that really me?". The shakes are taken with water, not milk and I'm pretty happy with them so far but I know they aren't a long term solution.

      I've had blood tests before, and a whole lot of tests most recently in January when I was hospitalized with cholecystitis for the dozenth time and had my gall bladder removed - that and other doctor appoints have never indicated diabetes or thyroid problems though they always seemed surprised that I'm not a diabetic (yet).

      I can't wait to get good at going to the gym, I used to really enjoy working out once and I'm sure I can get back to that again.
    • Re: I really don't like introductions


      Your 26 you have time to get this right. You are getting married next year and that may have been the trigger for this change of heart but don't panic. Do your research and make the committment to yourself. You won't regret it. Some times it's hard to change but it's your choice.

      I noticed your comments on the men's forum. There are a lot of men on this forum but women seem to be more open and less judgmental. Start a diary and look through the men's diaries. Im sure you will find like minded support.
    • Re: I really don't like introductions

      Hi Josh,
      Good luck on your journey, if you can get the Atkins book do have a read. I found it very inspiring and discovered the truth about many things.
      One of the mental images I consider very helpful is the food pyramid, take a good long look at it and it's a triangle, if that's how you eat then that's how you'll look, on the other hand turn the pyramid upside down and eat that way and your heading in the right direction, broad at the shoulders and narrow at the hip. I like it :)
      You'll learn many things along the way, keep an open mind.
      All the Best

      Lord, Grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
      Courage to change the things I can,
      and the Wisdom to hide the bodies of the people I may have to kill because they p!$$ me off.
    • Re: I really don't like introductions

      Hi Josh,

      COngrats on making the change!

      The gym will really helps and it feels good to get moving, try to do 30-60mins every day even if its just walking. I do group fitness classes and yes its not just supa fit gym junkies.

      I think optifast is good, especially in the beginning as it removes the need to shop, plan, prepare food and allows you to relax. But later on these activities are essential for a long run healthly lifestyle. And fun too!

    • Re: I really don't like introductions

      Hi Josh

      Welcome newbie, Im new too!

      Ive never heard of Optifast. Im guessing its Low carb! Well done for thinking about exercize. I havent thought that far yet. I usually start a diet and it last for like 5 days max. So I will hopefully incorparate more exercize too.

      But one thing that is my motivater atm is I need new clothes and I simply refuse to buy clothes in my size!! That and the realization too that Im a walking heartattack!

      Good luck on becoming the new you! You will look amazing for your wedding and a great start to married life!