advice for tendonitis in the feet

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    • Re: advice for tendonitis in the feet

      Not sure if this helps but I suffered badly with heel and instep pain. I tried a lot of different things. Inners with different supports, strapping, Physio and massage. Most of these things made it worse. I do a lot of walking in my golf and fishing and was almost out of my head with the inactivity.

      I went in to buy some Birkenstocks thinking that maybe they would help. They did but that's not what fixed my feet. During the fitting the salesperson was explaining how loose shoes should be to enable the foot to roll naturally in the shoes. I was tying my shoes tighter and tighter to stop the pain. As soon as I loosened the shoes the pain went away. I strapped the instep for a couple of days and all was sweet.

      I don't know what is causing you foot pain but I can attest to the problems we can cause by locking the foot in too tight shoes.