Jack Lalanne exercise videos.

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    • Jack Lalanne exercise videos.

      I have an injury that prevents me from doing many aerobic type exercises, at times I have been barely able to walk, running was impossible so I went looking for suitable exercises to do. I discovered old videos of The Jack Lalanne show from the US, I find the exercises in them brilliant and wanted to share. I've just exercised my way through one of the many episodes on there and feel great. jacklalanne.com/watch-jack/

      On the subject of my injury, I have a Spur on my heel and calcification in the Achilles tendon as I said walking at times is painful, was most especially after sitting or standing still and running was definitely out, I wasn't able to do it if I tried. I had to wear shoes with a heel, the higher the better. Going downstairs was one of the worst things. That was until I bought a pair of Exercise shoes, you know the ones that are supposed to tone your legs. The soles are curved. Mine are Exer Steps, I got them at Payless Shoes. First time I put them on I noticed a big difference, the pain has decreased, I can wear flat shoes, at times I do notice stiffness and the odd tinge of pain but I am not constantly limping anymore. And the best thing is that I can actually run again, recently I got up for a bathroom break and ran the length of the house to my bedroom. My son ran after me thinking something was wrong and asked me why I was running my reply was "because I can". We even ran a little outside something I've not been able to do in a few years. :D Not only are they great but they are so comfortable and I'm taller when I've got them on. :p