Dr Atkins Icecream

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    • Dr Atkins Icecream

      This is super good! Just before the recipe Dr Atkins writes "Ice cream is a very important part of this diet"- a man after my own heart! The recipe is in two parts, the custard is the basis for all Atkins icecream recipes, so feel free to experiment!

      Basic Icecream Custard

      6x125ml servings

      500ml whipping cream
      4 egg yolks
      1/2 vanilla pod slit open and scraped
      5 tablespoons sugar substitute

      Heat cream in a heavy saucepan over a low heat. Whisk in one egg yolk at a time. Add vanilla pod scrapins and whisk until custard begins to thicken. Remove from heat and cool. Once cooled, add extra ingredients to make the type of icecream you want. Apparently, once refrigerated, this base can be used as a dessert by itself, or you can whisk in some brandy.

      Without extras- carbs for whole recipe: 20.8, per serve: 3.5

      For vanilla...

      6 x 125 ml servings

      1 basic icecream custard (already prepared)
      1 tablespoon vanilla essence

      Prepare custard. While it is cooling, whisk in the vanilla essence. Cool to room temperature. Place in an icecream maker and churn according to manufacturer's directions. Or, if like me you don't have an icecream maker, put the custard into an old icecream container of similar and place in the freezer. Wait until the sides of the icecream begin to set and then whisk the mixture until combined. repat this procedure a few times. The more you do it, the smoother the icecream turns out.

      Total carbs: 32.2g Per serving 5.4.

      It isn't especially low-carb, but I found that the serving is very satisfying.

      Source: Dr Atkins New Diet Cookbook- also has chunky chocolate chip and raspberry raptre, to name a couple. One of the most useful cookbooks I've purchased! I'm thinking of ditching the vanilla essence, which must be pretty high in carbs considering the jump from the custard to the complete recipe, and adding some broken pieces of zero-carb chocolate!