A couple of questions re Body Trim

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    • A couple of questions re Body Trim

      Hi Guys,

      I'm new to Body Trim, I have just completed my 3 day detox...wasn't as hard as I thought! And finally had a piece of toast with 100g of lite ham for brekkie.

      Just a few questions, although I've been scouring this site for a few days now and should have it all down pat...but

      Can I have low fat cottage cheese or ricotta with (or without) suger free maple syrup as a protein snack?

      I am assuming my free day is on Sunday? BUT, I am going to a ball on Saturday night so thought I would have a free day on Saturday instead? Or just a free dinner/drinks on Saturday night and a free lunch/dinner on Sunday?

      Also, what do you eat on your free day? I've read that it has adverse affects on some people and that they end up putting on the kilo's that they lost in the previous week then it takes all the next week to take off...vicious circle Can you drink alcohol? How much? Bearing in mind that this is my one night off without the kids, just me and hubby letting our hair down

      Lastly (I promise), what is Bodytrim Plus and how is it different to Body Trim? Someone posted it has less meat?

      Thanks so much for any replies, I really appreciate it.

      P.s: I love this site!
    • Re: A couple of questions re Body Trim

      Hi Stina,

      Ricotta or Cottage Cheese is fine as a snack.

      If you don't have the kids on Saturday night, I would do a normal BT Compliant Saturday, then have a free dinner and alcohol. Maybe make Sunday your PO day. Some people get away with doing the Free breakfast after the boozy night... but I would suggest trying to stick with the plan as much as you can at the start before changing too much.

      Don't forget to do your weigh in on Saturday morning, as you will put back on some water weight after the free meal.

      My free days vary. I generally have a BT compliant day (plus a latte and some cookies, sometimes I'll have sushi for lunch), when we don't have the kids we go out for dinner to a nice restaurant and share a bottle of wine and eat whatever I want. If we do have the kids we either go to a more budget restaurant or if we cook at home I stuff my face with cheese (love cheese).

      Body Trim Plus isn't that much different, I think the new book comes with more recipes but the general concept is the same. Serving sizes are the same as well.