what can I do?

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    • what can I do?

      What do you do when your sick of meat? I never thought I would ever say that. I am so over it & it is only day 5. I eat all sorts so not bored just feel like I will throw up if I eat any more. I have eggs getting sick of them as well. Can we make casseroles stews etc if so how do you do it so it tastes ok & what do you thicken it with. I am just over it already don't know if I will be able to stick to this. I am eating my veggies love them. I am feeling so tired & my head is spinning all the time. I am diabetic my BGL's are good just miss my fruit. Any idea would be so welcome. I know this works just need to find things I can eat.
    • Re: what can I do?

      Sorry Sherrie forget there is more then one here lol I am doing Atkins. I am eating all my veggies etc getting 15-20 net carbs from them it differs a little day to day enjoying them just feeling over meat. Would prob enjoy a casserole like that sort of thing.
    • Re: what can I do?

      You can thicken casseroles with xanthum powder, it doesn't take much, and is low carb. Tonight I made chicken nuggets with grated parmesan cheese and Pork Krackles which I pulverised. Coat the cut up chicken with egg and then the cheese and pork krackles mixture bake in the oven for 30 minutes at 180c. You could use the same mixture to make schnitzels.

      Tomorrow I'm using pork mince to make meat balls and also turkey mince so there is a bit of variety.

      Beef mince can be turned into taco mince with a mixture of low carb spices, and you can make it as mild or hot as you like. Serve it over a salad. There are a lot of websites with great information too. If you are ready to put the time in there is lots of variety. Make a lasagne with pureed ricotta cheese and zucchini slices instead of pasta.

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