Body Trim questions

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    • Re: Body Trim questions

      Hi Shirrie

      Thanks for that great info. I am 72 and need to drop from 102k to 70k and it looks difficult.
      bought BT and am trying hard but only lost 3k - started 24th November.

      have let myself down in the walking department but am working on that now.

      alto record all i eat on Mynetdiary and my food intake suggests that i should be reducing by 1.5k per week - if only.

      got a long way to go and get very dissapointed when the scales dip to 97k then move up again to 99k

      doubting my weighins each Monday morning i now have two sets of digital scales and i also do a bodytest on our WII each morning.

      my waste measurement is not moving much at all. has only moved down from 120 to 117cm

      must be doing something wrong as BT suggests that i should lose 5k in the first week but not me - no trouble with the detox but weight loss is what i am after.

      appreciate any help at all

      kind regards