Low-Carb Satay Chicken Skewers

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    • Low-Carb Satay Chicken Skewers

      The satay is as follows:

      2x chicken breast cut into even sized bits
      skewers (soaked in water if bamboo) my breasts made 7 skewers
      1tsp curry powder
      2tsp tumeric
      natural peanut butter
      400g coconut milk
      sweetner to taste (i used about 2 tsp)

      Mix coconut milk, curry powder tumeric and sweetner in a big bowl, add cut up chicken and marinate for 3-4 hours.

      When marinated, thread chicken onto skewers (do NOT Discard marinade) , and cook on grill (or pan whatever you prefer). Meanwhile (while chicken is cooking) put the leftover marinade in a pot and cook for a few mins, until hot & add natural peanut butter to taste - NB you can use normal peanut butter, but natural does not have all the added crap & is lower in carbs - you can get it in the health foods section.

      cook until sauce is heated through stirring frequently. I found with the addition of the peanut butter the sauce went REALLY thick, i just added a little bit of water until it was the right consistancy.

      NOTE: The above recepie may not be BT compliant (im not sure - the fat content of the peanut butter is high) but is low-carb.

      I served with cauli rice
      Kel <3