What about a LCHF thread?

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    • What about a LCHF thread?

      I'm looking for people already on this plan or thinking about it. I'm starting soon think it would be a good idea to share the journey with other fans.
      I was directed to this site by a fellow poster here and am very keen now.

      PS Just had a look at Atkins induction and LCHF is very similar indeed...is that right?

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    • Re: What about a LCHF thread?

      Yes, the whole site could be considered LCHF. Most low carb diet plans are. by definition, high fat. But because things to spread fat (butter etc) on are limited you don't get a huge amount of it, and you are eating good fats.

      Here's mine for the first 4 days of 2011. The higher protein days are when i had an Aldi meat patty (100% beef) & 40g cheddar cheese for breakfast - it satisfies me until well into the afternoon - a fantastic starter to the day.

      Day - P - F - C
      1 - 99 - 95 - 30
      2 - 87 - 68 - 31
      3 - 45 - 78 - 31
      4 - 96 - 98 - 23
      Odille -
      following Primal Lifestyle

      Low fat is so last century!
    • Re: What about a LCHF thread?

      Yeah LCHF is just another name really where it gets grey is when low carb diets try to be politically correct and offer low fat versions to appeal to more people.
      Low Carb in a Nutshell ~ Carb Counts ~ Research ~ Measurements/Conversions ~ Glossary

      Let me know if you think of anything else handy from the site to put here.
    • Re: What about a LCHF thread?

      That was a dumb question in hindsight. There are some many different names for similar plans. You never stop learning here.
      I won't bother asking my GP for a cholesterol check before starting either, as a high reading doesn't mean increased risk of heart disease.
    • Re: What about a LCHF thread?

      I've started referring to how I eat as LCHF and just use the initials to tell people.

      I got tired off all the negative reactions when I said atkins, or low carb. Some ask what the initials are for or ask for further details I'll say a quick "low carb, high fat I basically eat lots of fresh veggies, high quality protein choices with healthy fats." Most people are happy with that as am I, glad to be past my zealous, preachy "everyone must change to low carb it WONDERFUL" days, hehehe :D