Detox Finished - Few BT questions

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    • Detox Finished - Few BT questions

      Hi everyone,

      I have finished my detox & i'm feeling great. This is actually my 2nd day of the weight loss program but stuck to mostly protein yday.

      A few questions I have are below if anyone can help me out: -

      How many grams of carbs am I allowed in sauces, marianates, dressing etc etc? I made a soup last night & was worried about the carb count in the stock. Also ive got a good green curry recipe and the carb count is pretty low but i just want to make sure.

      Having a piece of toast / fruit in the morning? I enjoy this but is this slowing down weight loss or helping it? Should I have it every morning (except PO days) or just when I feel I need it?

      Alcohol? I know I shouldnt have it but if I do on my 'free day' should I eat normal BT meal and count alcohol as free meal instead?

      I'll be grateful if anyone can shed light on these for me

      Thanks Carlrich

      PS - looking forward to my 1st weigh in on Monday :D
    • Re: Detox Finished - Few BT questions

      I've read posts where 20g per day is suggested. You'll be lucky to squeeze fruit and toast into that. It all depends how serious you are about losing weight and how quickly you want to lose it. I've read mention to beer as liquid sugar.:eek: so avoid it.

      A medium sized apple has 15g (stick to melons, blueberries)
      Toast 16.5g

      Sorry to bring you bad news:o
    • Re: Detox Finished - Few BT questions

      You don't have to have the carb serve every day if you don't want it, I rarely do. Alcohol is best saved for free day but still have a couple of conservative free meals on your free day as well.

      The rules of thumb for sauces is to keep the carbs below 5g per 100g/ml.
    • Re: Detox Finished - Few BT questions

      Most stone fruit are under 10g per 100g, apricots are 6-7g if memory serves correct, some berries touted as low carb are higher!
      Low Carb in a Nutshell ~ Carb Counts ~ Research ~ Measurements/Conversions ~ Glossary

      Let me know if you think of anything else handy from the site to put here.
    • Re: Detox Finished - Few BT questions

      Carlrich wrote:

      Great!! Thanks guys! Very helpful.
      If I did have a drink it would be vodka, lime & soda or dry wine.
      I couldnt drink beer or a pre-mixed drink to save my life!!!

      Clear spirits mixed with either soda water or diet soft drink are definitely the best thing to have, no carbs in the mixer and not as many calories in the alcohol as the darker spirits. I know what you mean about beer as I hate it, but unfortunately I like the pre-mixed drinks which are full of sugar. Vanilla vodka mixed with fresh apple juice or Coke is another favourite of mine, terrible for you but tastes delicious! :)
    • Re: Detox Finished - Few BT questions

      I think Soda water or sparkling (plain & unflavoured) mineral water is great for BBQs (I drink a lot of it), seems to cut the greasy taste a bit.

      I'm not 'up' on BT, but on general low carb if you want to lose weight faster, keep it to <20g carbs a day, and eat a lot of green veges and protein from meat/fish/chicken.

      I find a big 'protein hit' in the morning is the way to go for me - usually steak or an Aldi meat patty (100% beef, nothing added) with 30g or so of cheese keeps me going until evening. (On Primal, you only eat when hungry, 2 meals a day is fine.) If I do get hungry mid afternoon I have a slice of ham, or a small handful of nuts, or about 40g cheese.

      I've lost 10 kgs since my restart 4 months ago now.
      Odille -
      following Primal Lifestyle

      Low fat is so last century!