Laying my heart out there..

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    • Laying my heart out there..

      :oThanks for letting me join.. after being fat all my a life (from age 8) I finally found what I thought was my last resort and had lap band surgery 5 years ago. I managed, with a lot of bloody hard work to lose 62kg. I've had to live in the closet with my band as I have a very bad support network except my husband. Lap banding doesn't band the brain.. and now I need help. I've managed to beef up to 85kg and hopefully can start again to get back to where I was.. I've just started BT.. and have managed to get through the first three days.. sort of.......
    • Re: Laying my heart out there..

      Welcome to the group LouisV. You've taken the first step and you'll get lots of support here. So sorry to hear you've had a rough time with the lapband.

      Stay motivated and positive and come here often...maybe even start a diary. It does help :)
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      Welcome LouisV So sorry to hear of the lack of support. Make sure you come here often to read & be motivated by the success stories of others. As Patty has said using a diary & just getting your thoughts down can help with stress & help you stay motivated. I tried BT & it just didn't work for me so you need to find a plan that suits you - or ask other people for advise on BT as there are a lot of people here who love it. Baby steps to success just keep going.
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      Welcome Louis! I too have a lapband, and I too live mostly in the closet about it - only my husband, mother and sisters know about it. I lost about 50kg in 2.5 years through a combination of it and LC eating. Unfortunately I find the bank is not conducive to most LC foods - I struggle to keep meats especially down.

      And even with the band, I managed to regain almost 30 of those kgs lost, because as you would know, the band will happily accept things like crisps and chocolate and cake.

      I've been back on the wagon for two weeks now, and have lost 5.2kg so far.

      Wishing you the best of luck.

    • Re: Laying my heart out there..

      Welcome to the board. I thought hard about a lapband or other bariatric surgery, over several years, but finally came to the conclusion that it would not work for me. I think I would have liked myself even less if I had gone down what my strange brain perceived as an easy path - I am only speaking of myself here - I applaud others for having the courage I don't.

      But as GG said, the band still lets you eat bad foods and does n't let you eat good foods like meat. I'm a huge meat eater and just could not have given it up. PLus, I react badly to anaesthesia.

      It is a great pity you don't have good family support - I cannot see any reason why those who have had this surgery should have to hide it! As I said, you're at least doing something positive about your weight.

      I hope you can find an eating plan that will let you lose weight here - I have no idea what to advise, apart from the fact that obviously small amounts often will be the way to go for you.
      Odille -
      following Primal Lifestyle

      Low fat is so last century!
    • Re: Laying my heart out there..

      Welcome Louis
      I was saddened to read of your lack of support. I have similiar experiences, especially from my mother. One of my hopes is to inspire her to give BT a go rather than rubbishing it.
      You will find wonderful support here!
      All the best:)
    • Re: Laying my heart out there..

      Welcome Louisv sorry to hear you dont really get any support. You have come to the right place here if support is what your after, i have been using this forum everyday for a week now and the support i have received is amazing. I have started a diary on here which im finding really helpful and highly recommend. All the best with your weight loss journey. I look forward to seeing you around the forum x