LC, Exercise, Weight-loss and Hormones.

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    • LC, Exercise, Weight-loss and Hormones.

      I just wanted to start a thread on the wonders of low carb related weight-loss and the positive effects on hormones and general well being. I'm sure there are many women here of all different ages, stages of life etc and I'm curious to know how you feel changing to LC diet and losing weight has positively effected any hormone related problems.

      Since commencement of menstruation I've suffered terrible hormone related acne, mood swings, menstrual cramps and heavy periods. I was always advised by Dr's to try to resolve this through taking the pill, depo injections even the mirena. It wasn't until I become a mother, midwife and natural health advocate that I began to explore ways of resolving my hormonal problems without synthetic hormones. Over the past 5 months of LCing and exercise my skin has never been clearer, my moods are much less unpredictable, and my periods are lighter and less painful. As a midwife I've also seen women advoid adverse outcomes due to Gestational Diabetes simply through dietry changes.

      Anyone have any positive stories to share re changes in hormonal probs?
    • Re: LC, Exercise, Weight-loss and Hormones.

      Most LC'ers report the same thing.

      I was kinda the opposite but it was because for whatever reason, low carb and the prog only pill I was on were not getting along and it only got worse the closer to goal I was. I'm thinking I may have had low estrogen levels but it was also as if the pill was being metabolised quickly rather then over time as I had huge hormonal swings.

      Anyway, it settled a lot after stopping the pill. The reason I was on the pill in the first place was because I had bad acne and oily skin but this hasn't been a problem now ever since I fell pregnant with my daughter in mid 2004 after I originally lost weight on LC and stopped the pill. Perhaps the change in my diet has a lot to do with my skin being so much better now that I am no longer on the pill :)
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      Let me know if you think of anything else handy from the site to put here.
    • Re: LC, Exercise, Weight-loss and Hormones.

      Hi waratah,
      I will definitely keep you posted on this and be following this thread.

      I was diagnosed with endometriosis, I had an operation in Oct 2010 and haven't really had a major issue with symptoms since. Although, it is likely caused from a hormone imbalance (too much estrogen) and can reappear at any time. Which I hope it never does! My period pain was crippling and I suffered for 9 years without knowing what the issue was. Seeing countless doctors, who all told me it was normal. :rolleyes:

      In the last year my period was on a 2 month cycle and in the last 4 months I have not had a period, I have been to the doctors and they tested for PCOS, although that was not diagnosed. They believe the only reason is a hormone imbalance (although I am due to revisit the doctors, to follow up and check for PCOS again, it could have been undetectable last time apparently).

      I am hoping the LC and losing weight will fix the issue. Although, I am not missing my period at all, I know it is unnatural and needs to be fixed. :p

      Thanks for creating this thread, it will be interesting to see how our moods and hormone's change for LCer's. :)

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    • Re: LC, Exercise, Weight-loss and Hormones.

      Yes I am very hopeful that LC will help. I have had trouble most of my life but have become worse and worse since I had the eptopic pregnancy Dec 2004.

      The pain and discomfort, mood swings and emotional stability has been incresingly getting worse and lately unbearable.

      Seeing the Hormone Specialist on 25th and very hopeful that something comes from that visit.

      I have had several Drs say I am text book PCOS but tests come back neg, premetapause - neg ... I get Ovarian Cycts (some of which rupture), I have been told 7 months ago I now have fybroids. My TOM is often very painful, cramping and heavy. This started after the Eptopic.

      I have a beautiful thick black Mostache even when my testosterone levels come back in the normal range.

      I was reading about different hormonal symptoms and I fit almost all of the ones listed for excessive Esterogyn (spelling?) so I am interested to see what the specialst says.

      The GYN just wanted to put in the insert thing. I took the Clomid he suggested and became so ill I was in hospital. I felt like just another vagina when I went to the GYN so I got a new one who has me on the waiting list for Exploritory Lap.

      He will cleaned out all the bits and see what is happening ... soon I hope! I am on waiting list. I am so over it all I wanted a hystorectomy if that would help regain my life but being 115 kgs, "only" 38 and not having children the Dr said hmmm no lets just have a look. But he did say it might still come to that.

      To think I could have relief from all of this suffering by simply eating LC would be AMAZING! this is my biggest motivation more so than the skinny waist line. I just want my life back!
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