Typical protein day

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    • Typical protein day

      Hi there,

      I've seem this somewhere on this forum but can't find it again. Looking for a three day protein only menu please if anyone has one. I have my breakfast worked out..scrambled egg with some smoked salmon...looking forward to that already :)

      Just looking for the link to the previous page about this..or if anyone wants to map out a three day plan ;)

      Thanks in advance.

    • Re: Typical protein day

      Was it this one?

      Bodytrim 3 day Protein Only Detox -Help!

      Or maybe this one?

      Bodytrim in a nut shell

      Otherwise I had a friend send me a little spiel about preparing for the detox days which goes a little like this:

      My biggest suggestion for detox is to have ALL your food ready. If you can, head to the supermarket the day before and buy

      1 roasted chicken
      2 x 500 gms of mince, beef or chicken or lamb ( meatballs)
      1 x 1kg Ricotta cheese, Woolworths have it in a 1 kg blue basket in plastic with the other cheeses
      4 or more packs diet jelly
      bacon x 10 rashers (I buy the free range bacon at Woolworths, and although not the short cut one, a lot less sugar)
      12 eggs at least
      1 Taco seasoning mix
      1 jar Thai green curry paste

      1 box of snack & 1 box of sandwich zip lock bags or lots of plastic containers especially the smaller ones.

      This all seems like a lot but you will have bits left over for the rest of the week. When you get home, pull your chicken to bits. Chuck out the skin or feed to dog. Do you have digital kitchen scales? If yes, weigh out 100 gms and 50 gms and put them in the little bags. Stick in fridge. Plenty of meals or snacks

      Meatballs, 500 gm minced beef & 1 pack taco seasoning mix Mix together and the weigh 1 or 2 to 50 gm and then guess. I cook mine on Glad baking paper so that they don't stick. Preheat oven to 180 and then cook for about 15 - 18 minutes. They will sweat our juices so when you remove from oven move them out of the juices and let them cool. 10 snacks or 5 meals

      Chicken mince, mix with 2 tbs green curry paste, some grated lime zest and 2 tsp thai fish sauce. Same cooking as above.

      Jelly Cheesecakes 500 gm ricotta cheese, 1 PACKET -2 sachets of Jelly & 1 cup boiling water. I use my stick blender. Make up Jelly, I use milk shake cup thing, then add chopped up ricotta and blitz with stick blender till totally smooth. This will give you 10 snack size servings. They will weigh more than 50 gm because of the jelly but it is 50 gm of protein food that you are needing, not 50 gm in total. 500 gm ricotta = 10 x 50 gm serves.

      I hope this all helps and you can be totally organized, that way WHENEVER you are hungry, just head to the fridge and it's all there, waiting for you. You can eat every hour if you are having 50 gm snacks and if you have jelly cheesecakes and interesting things the 3 days will fly.

      Oh and drink heaps of water to starve off the headaches and have a fiber supplement like Benefiber.


      DAY 1 (Sunday)

      7.50: scrambled egg 55 gm & smoked salmon 40 gm , water, tea, coffee (double shot espresso & 20 ml frothed milk non bt compliant)
      10.20: Mexican meatball x 50 gm
      1.00: chili prawns 100 gm (6 prawns)
      3.50 jelly cheesecake (<50 gm 500 gm ricotta cheese = 12 cheesecakes)
      7.00 steak 100 gm with horseradish
      9.30 fluffy stuff x 50 gm

      3+ liters water, 11105 steps and horse ride

      DAY 2

      7.10: protein shake, coffee, tea, nutashot
      10.25: steak 50 gm with horseradish, coffee, benefiber
      1.00: roast pork 100 gm with peri peri sauce, water
      4.00: hot roasted chicken at supermarket carpark - 2 drumsticks - skin removed
      6.00 diet jelly,
      7.00: taco meat, sprinkle of cheese and a spoon of sour cream (non bt compliant), salsa
      9.10: fluffy stuff,

      Drank 3+ liters water, did 12000+ steps

      DAY 3

      6.45: protein shake, tea, coffee as above
      9.15: protein only pancake & sugar free maple syrup
      11.20 meatball x 1 (12 meatballs x 500 gm mince)
      1.30 bacon 2 short & 1 egg, diet coke
      4.30 diet jelly and hot protein drink frothed with machine
      7.20 fillet steak 100 gm mayo & mustard
      9.40 ricotta cheese 50 gm & sfms 1 tbs mixed together

      Water 2.75+ liters, walked 8600+ steps

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    • Re: Typical protein day

      Really good thread I will add it to the bodytrim diet 2 thread.

      Bren I have never made ricotta cheesecakes but cream cheese ones generally last up to a week and can also be frozen. If you make them you could put one in the freezer for a couple of days and see how it turns out.
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      Let me know if you think of anything else handy from the site to put here.
    • Re: Typical protein day

      I'm not sure I'd want to be eating uncooked egg whites ... how about trying these variations? :)


      500g ricotta
      1 sachet diet jelly
      2 tablespoon protein powder

      Put 500g ricotta in blender. dissolve 1 satchet jelly in 1/2 cup boiling water, when dissolved add 1/2 cup cold water. tip this in with ricotta and a couple tablespoons protein powder. give it a wizz and done.
      divide into 10 tubs for 50g snack size


      500g low fat cottage cheese
      500g made up diet jelly
      2-3 scoops vanilla protein powder

      Blend in blender on high for several seconds, then on medium for 20 secs or until it looks all bubbly with air.

      Pour into flattish rectangle dish and put in fridge. Best if left overnight. Mark out lines across the top for individual portions. Lady who posted does nine, but I'd make 10 x 50g portions of it (and I've been known to have this one after about half an hour back in the fridge).
    • Re: Typical protein day

      raw egg whites on their own actually interfere with the absorption of biotin due to a protein they contain called avidin, not a good idea.
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      Let me know if you think of anything else handy from the site to put here.