Bodytrim Snacks ... Any 'sweet' suggestions please?

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    • Re: Bodytrim Snacks ... Any 'sweet' suggestions please?

      i a on day 5 of bodytrim.. have lost 2.5kg!! am stoked but am really missing sweets:( going to make the cheesecakes:)) do you put the cheese in first then put jelly on top?:p also for breakfast is bacon n eggs ok?? and toast? lunch a struggle to have salads when it cold:(
    • Re: Bodytrim Snacks ... Any 'sweet' suggestions please?

      Hi :) I made the Jelly Cheesecakes today ... I only had 250gr of Ricotta so I thought to just use 1 sachet of Jelly Lite. However, when I finished blending it together in the blender, I had enough to make more than 10, when I was thinking I would only be able to make 5 x 50g portions due to using half of the ingredients. Can anyone explain where I might have went wrong ??? NOw Im thinking that I won't be getting 50g protein per portion :confused: I made up the Jelly per packet instructions (250ml hot water, 250ml cold water, and crystals) then added the ricotta and blended it together. Was it suppose to be still quite watery ??? I imagined it to be thicker IYKWIM? I haven't tried one yet, but will be soon :)
    • Re: Bodytrim Snacks ... Any 'sweet' suggestions please?

      As long as you divide it up between 5 portions you will still be getting 50g protein portions as jelly crystals and water do not add to the protein, the only difference is the volume due to the increased water content.
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    • Re: Bodytrim Snacks ... Any 'sweet' suggestions please?

      Ok, now Im lost. I thought i read on here 2 sachets (1 packet) of Jelly Lite with 500g ricotta ??? And should I only be using 1 cup of liquid only with one sachet ??

      And I thought if your using 500g ricotta you would do 10 portions ???

      Sorry, Im just confused now :(