Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead

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    • Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead

      I've just heard about this movie, "Fat Sick and Nearly Dead". It's about an overweight and unhealthy Aussie guy who goes on a 60 day juice fast, drops a stack of weight, regains his health etc etc If you google it, you will be able to find a stack of places to watch the trailer....
      Anyway, I've been looking into it a bit and on his FB page, there are a heap of people doing it (not neccessarily for 60 days) and loving it, losing weight and feeling good. So recently, I've been drinking a bit too much, not looking after myself that well and although I live low carb, I've been a little less strict than I have in a while. So the juice fast, maybe a three day one, is looking quite appealing to me. His website has all the info and recipes.
      The juices are really high in carbs though, it's all "veggie carbs" but some are up in the 60-70g per juice range. I'm wondering what you all think of something like this. It's got to be good for you short term (I think 60 days is crazy, but a 3-5 day detox sounds plausible) but how do I come to terms with the carbs when I do around 40-50g a day......
      Any opinions?

      BTW - for those in Sydney, the movie is on TV on Thrusday night 11.30pm channel 9 I haven't seen it yet, just the trailer, but I have set it to record
    • Re: Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead

      My initial thoughts are that juices are concentrated carbs - most health experts, regardless of their personal philosophy, will tell you you're better off eating the whole vegie/fruit, so you get the fibre too.

      You probably would lose weight on the juice fast, as it would be almost no fat, and probably low cal, but I think you'd be better off doing a protein fast - drinking protein shakes or eating lean protein.

      I've sent my tv to record the show to see what it's about.
    • Re: Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead

      Yes, I have also heard/read about the juice not being as good as whole fruit/veg..... although I did the "Liver cleansing Diet" a few years ago and felt great (dying for a steak afterwards though)

      Still just can't 'mentally' get over the carb count, as much as I'd like to try it. I've become such a carbo-phobe !

      Looking forward to watching the movie though:)