Protein and menstruation

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    • Protein and menstruation

      Sorry for the possibly TMI post ...

      but, does anyone else find themselves getting nauseous eating protein when they're menstruating? Or is it just me?

      I don't have trouble at any other time of month, I love my meat, but in the first couple of days, when flow is just getting started, I find it really hard, and I was wondering if anyone might know of some hormonal link involved.

    • Re: Protein and menstration

      Analog6 wrote:

      It's one of those listen to your body situations. If you can plan ahead so you have alternate meals prepared for those days - salads or something palatable, then you will cope just fine.

      Yeah, probably. Though, I'm doing Bodytrim currently, so I need to eat protein if I want to stick to plan. I guess I'll listen to my body, and see what it'll stomach, and plan for that. Though planning would be much easier if I were regular :)

      Thanks for the thought.

    • Re: Protein and menstration

      I guess I'll just persevere. At least it's only a couple of days a month that it's an issue. I got around the meat nausea yesterday morning by having a protein shake with a raw egg added, which was palatable. This morning, I ate bacon and mushrooms just fine, then thoroughly enjoyed a banana ... maybe I'm mineral deficient :)
    • Re: Protein and menstration

      Hi Morte,
      Just saw this post and was planning on asking a similar question this morning. Funny after my pity post the other day wham TOM arrived. First time I six months ! Also happened to be the day I started LC ( yesterday ) . Today I find I'm feeling all shakey again and needing carbs . Protein is not cutting it . Decided to make a parsley and half onion omelette only to want to throw it up after. I'm not sure if it's the TOM or the PO .

      Wish my body would grow up and behave :p
    • Re: Protein and menstration

      Hi Robyn ... welcome to the low carb lifestyle, and sorry to hear you're having a hard time with the TOM and all too.

      I'm dreading my next onslaught, as I really did feel ill eating meat protein (even eggs) for the first 36-48 hours. Right now I'm looking for all the non-meat protein foods I can arrange to tide me over that period. I think I'm going to try some protein shake, maybe some ricotta cheesecake or hummus or SOMETHING :)

      Hang in there, it will pass, so will the queasiness from carb detox. It's worth it.