Body trim - results?

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    • Body trim - results?


      I was just wondering if anyone who has tried this diet might be willing to share their results and thoughts on the diet?

      I'm hesitant to buy it, but I am really struggling with weight loss and feeling a bit lost at the moment. Having been doing 1200 calories a day with lots of exercise, I've put on more than kgs. So I guess I need to look at a new way of doing this?

      Specifically I am interested in finding out if peoples results stack up to their claims on the website?

      Would it be possible to find out:

      1. weight loss in first week (not convinced on 3 days of protein only)
      2. overall weight loss and length of time it took to achieve that
      3. Did you exercise more than the walking 30 minutes a day?
      4. Was it a tough diet?

      I'd be so grateful for people's experiences. Just not 100% sure I should buy the program.....

      Many thanks
    • Re: Body trim - results?

      Hi there wp01

      I'm doing Bodytrim currently ... so can tell you my results.

      My first week, including the 3 days detox, I lost 3.9kg. Most of what you lose during this week is fluid, as your body rids itself of the effects of all the carbs you'd previously been eating.

      My second week, I lost 1.5kg. My third week, I lost 1.1kg.

      This is my third attempt at doing Bodytrim.

      My first attempt, I lost just over 20kg in total, over about 9 months, but found the low carb too difficult, quit, and put it all back on again by reverting to my former eating habits.

      My second attempt, I didn't lose quite as much, because I didn't stay on it as long, and once again fell off the program, and put it back on.

      I don't plan to do it this time.

      For me, the hardest part has been planning. Needing to eat at least every 3 hours (and eat the RIGHT foods), can be challenging, if you don't plan for it. Especially if you go out a lot.

      I don't go out that much anymore. I've become a dedicated homebody, so I think this time around it'll be easier. I've also worked out snacks that tackle my cravings, without breaking my diet, and that helps too.

      All in all ... I'd recommend picking up a copy of the program (Bodytrim or Bodytrim+, they're pretty much the same) on eBay or in a book store, and avoid dealing with the company directly. Stick to the 'real food is best' principles and don't get tricked into spending hundreds of dollars on their brand of protein bars, shakes, cookies, etc etc etc. You don't need them.

      I hope this helps.
    • Re: Body trim - results?

      I thought my ears were burning!!!

      Go to this thread: Bodytrim Diet 2 in the very first post I have added links to some informative threads. The very first original Bodytrim Diet thread has heaps of info but is LOOOOONG :eek: I have also linked the bodytrim in a nutshell thread, there's two posts in that thread that has heaps of info on the rules and foods that you're allowed, scroll down a little for the second post.

      Good luck :)
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    • Re: Body trim - results?

      1200 calories a day is very low, you're probably in starvation mode and that's why you're not losing weight.

      I do a highly modified version of BT and it works well. But it's probably a lot closer to Atkins than BT and I think this is the way to go. I don't agree with BT's recommendation of keeping everything ultra low-fat as I believe this is very unhealthy. BT also cuts out a lot of foods that you should be able to eat on a low-carb diet, so it is unnecessarily restrictive in my opinion. Making it difficult to stick to if you follow it as written.

      If you do start BT, don't expect to lose the advertised 5kg in the first week especially when you have been starving yourself as your metabolism will be damaged and take some time to repair.

      When I first started BT I lost 3.4kg on the detox and then didn't lose any for the rest of the first week, but I was happy with that. I then kept losing rapidly and got down to within 10kg of my goal weight but went off track over Christmas 2010 and put some back on and didn't get straight back on the plan. Since then I've been on and off low-carb, yoyo-ing up and down and am now almost back to my starting weight after a long period with no motivation to stick to a plan. Now enough is enough, I have re-started low-carb today and I am (hopefully) back on track and just need to stick to the low-carb way of life.

      After a while of being on BT I did some research and learned that calories on BT are generally at starvation level if you follow the plan as written. I also learned that low-fat and low-carb together is unhealthy and that you need to eat fat to burn fat. That's why I have modified the diet to include a lot more fat, larger portion sizes and additional foods like cheese, nuts and avocado which aren't technically allowed on BT.
    • Re: Body trim - results?

      Mel this is for you, do you think the frequent meals may be the problem? Many bodybuilders struggle with frequent meals making them very food focused. Constantly having to think about your next meal can be very detrimental for some.
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    • Re: Body trim - results?

      I must admit, now that I'm so used to the frequent meals it does get me down a bit sometimes because I'm too scared to stop doing it. For the last few weeks I've just been eating whatever I feel like (read: crap) and not having snacks in between meals and it was nice to have a break and just be having three meals a day plus dessert. Sometimes at night I want to get into bed then realise I haven't had my last snack of the day which is annoying. I don't think it causes me to eat badly in the sense that I'm always thinking about food but it is a bit annoying having to be constantly planning what I'm eating next. Then again I do like the fact that I never go hungry. The snacks that I feel I "need" the most are my mid-morning snack (I go ages in between breakfast and lunch and get hungry during this time) and my bedtime snack (depending on what I've had for dinner I'm often hungry again later in the evening, although this hasn't happened as much since I've increased the fat as it obviously helps with satiety). I could probably go without my afternoon snack most of the time, but worry about leaving too long between meals as BT has drummed the whole 3-hour rule thing into me. Plus I don't like to let myself get too hungry as it can lead to me making bad food choices and overeating. I also think I need to have all my snacks to keep my calories up high enough. I haven't actually worked it out but I assume I would be eating roughly around 100g each of protein and fat per day which would only put me at 1300 calories (not including any carbs of course, but I don't eat many carbs, only what I get from veggies/salad/sauces and incidental carbs in convenience products etc). My maintenance calories are just under 2500 per day, so I should probably be on around 1800 for weight loss to begin with.
    • Re: Body trim - results?

      On something like Atkins your main portions wouldn't be limited to 100g so you would have less need to snack out of hunger. The thing is the frequent meals also sets up a habit of needing to eat all the time.

      I did link to it once in the old bodytrim thread years ago but there was a study where they tested 6 meals per day vs 3 meals per day (same calories over the course of the day) and it's thermal effect on metabolism. They found that the boost you received from the 6 meals over the course of the day equaled the 3 meal per day group as the thermal effect was based on calories per meal. So even though the frequent meal group ate 6 times per day and therefor your metabolism was boosted 6 times, because the individual meals were small so was the individual thermic effect for each meal. Where though the 3 meal a day only provided 3 boosts per day, they were larger boosts.

      In the end, because both groups contained the same amount of calories over the course of the day, the thermal effect was also the same over the course of the day.
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    • Re: Body trim - results?

      Thanks for the info about that study, it's good to know and to have something concrete to back it up.

      I don't actually stick to the 100g portions, I generally eat around 200g of protein food with each main meal so I don't get overly hungry any more like I used to when I was following BT as written.

      I read an article the other day that stated that eating less than 130g of carbs per day has a negative affect on your thyroid. I really hope this isn't true. Have you heard anything to refute this? Here's the article if you're interested:…e_and_low_carb_diets.html
    • Re: Body trim - results?

      I've been rethinking that part of the Bodytrim philosophy, and whether or not it actually works.

      I for one feel that snacking all the time only succeeds in making me think about food all the time ... which isn't what I need when dieting.

      There's also been some movement recently with regard to diets that recommend NOT eating all the time, in fact they're based around fasting and semi-fasting, and eating good portions of food between. Which reflects the famine/feast of the Bodytrim diet and it's Free Day/Protein Day, but takes it to the next extreme.

      I'm referring to the 'Fat Loss Forever' diet that was published recently, and the research it claims to be based around.

    • Re: Body trim - results?

      I definitely don't believe in the "carbs have no requirement" that some low carbers follow (especially if very active) but I don't believe in a rule of 130g either for a lot of regular people that can be too much. We did discuss this in a thread a while back because I was concerned about the "zero carb" rule some follow.

      Whilst there is some merit to carbs having a thermal effect (they can also boost serotonin as well if consumed in the evening) these T3 studies were all in very low calorie, low protein, low fat ranges if I recall correctly. It would be nice to see these measured in maintenance as well as Atkins style diets.

      However, on the anecdotal front there are American low carbers whom already had thyroid issues that find they do better on 30-50g carbs per day and feel worse on 20g (keeping in mind this is US 30-50g which would be lower by our counts). The same goes with the 130g, that 130g would be including fibre as well as incorrect USDA carb counts. This is one of the reasons why I push for people to use Australian databases so you don't go too crazy restricting carbs.

      So my motto is, do what your own body likes best, you can get a general idea on how your thyroid is coping by keeping an eye on your morning basal body temperature. Exercise as well as weight loss can improve your carb tolerance over time so you may find you do better if you gradually increase carbs over time. This is what Atkins promotes and why he has, I think it is 4 phases. The first (Induction) which is 20g per day only goes for 2 weeks!
      But at the same time, high carbs will after a while reduce your carb tolerance again so always be aware of this when you get to maintenance. I remember, after doing low carb and then maintenance for so long I had very good carb tolerance, so when I first went on an elimination diet whilst breastfeeding which was very high carb - for a while there, I found it very easy but eventually, all those carb cravings and hunger issues came back.
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    • Re: Body trim - results?

      Intermittent fasting can also have it's issues on the thyroid as well as on the gall bladder particularly if you skip the morning or evening meals. I'm not sold on fasting as a regular intentional thing.
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    • Re: Body trim - results?

      I find that low carbs is what my body functions best on. By that, I mean, on low carbs (not no carbs) my blood glucose drops to normal (though I'm still on medication).

      I'm Type 2 Diabetic, and on three different medications to try and keep it low, and without the low carb, they don't work. I hope that as my weight drops, I'll be able to do with fewer meds, and eventually get off them, just using the low carb to control things.

      If I eat carbs in the evening, it makes me sleepy. On 'Free Days' I find after dinner I fall asleep on the couch. On other days, I'm fine.

      I've done Atkins before, and it wasn't quite right for me. I've done Bodytrim as written, and it's not quite right either. I'm finding, like Melly, I'm somewhere between. And as long as I feel good, my blood sugars stay good, and I keep losing weight, I'll do my own thing :)
    • Re: Body trim - results?


      I'm in the same situation, on 3 diabetes medications, but they only really work if I stick to a low carb diet. Ruling out all carbs (just about) is the only way I can actually do it. I do like my veges and salad though. I am only eating 3 times a day. Trying to stop snacking in the evening.

      Current weight 4/17 84.9 kg
      Goal weight 65 kg

      Other goals: Reversal of my diabetes
    • Re: Body trim - results?

      Thank you for all your replies.

      I did end up deciding to try BodyTrim and started after brekky on Monday. So I guess Tuesday was the official start day? I've aldready dropped 2.2kgs but I am was seriously bloated so nothing too extraordinary there.

      I have a cracker of a headache this morning. Hoping that will go away soon.....

      The lunches, dinner and snacks I will find quite easy as it is not too different to how we eat normally (just no snacking afterwards!!!).

      Breakfast is going to be the hard one as I love my yoghurt and cereal. I really couldn't do bacon and eggs every day.... Are there any cereals that are BT friendly?

      I'm kind of hoping this diet helps a little with my chronic insomnia! I've not slept through an entire night in about 7 years....
    • Re: Body trim - results?

      Feeling a little 'off' or getting a headache, is fairly normal during the 3 days detox. Just keep your water up, snack more frequently if you need it, and hang in there. It does go away.

      For breakfast, any low GI cereal is good. Special K is surprisingly high in protein, and low GI. As is the Protein 1st cereal. Both are good. Try to stick to low GI cereals with a good protein content. High GI cereals burn up more quickly, and leave you hungry quicker.

      There are also lots of wonderful recipes for things like protein pancakes, protein oats, and such, that you might like to try instead of bacon and eggs.

      You can have your yoghurt, but not in addition to cereal, you'd have it instead, as both are considered a carb serve.

      I hope that helps.
    • Re: Body trim - results?

      I add vanilla protein powder to my yoghurt with 2 tbs cup of musclie for breakfast . Its enough to give it some crunch! Yum. Its probably a little too much carbs but I really enjoy and it really fills me up.
      I always feel off when I do a protein only detox. I would keep up the workouts but lessen the intensity until you have adjusted to Body Trim.