Crumbed Fishy and Halloumi Chips

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    • Crumbed Fishy and Halloumi Chips

      Just wanted to share my new treat dish!
      Hi This is my first post! =) I should really do an into as Ive been stalking the boards for a bit! I have bursts of Low carbing! hopefully this time I stick to my diet as I still got quite alot of bulk to loose!


      1 x Piece Fish!
      Black Chia Seeds (this is the crumb)
      Salt n Pepper
      3 huge slices of Halloumi

      Enough oil to cover base of pan!

      Make sure your fish is nice n fresh and moist! Season chia with Salt n Pepper,
      Crumb the fish, Make sure oil is hot so you get a nice crust! Heat oil and fry on med high Until cooked! Plate up and cook the Halloumi!

      Cut the halloumi into chippies
      fry up until golden

      Serve with a lite salad I :)

      I use for a dipping sauce, 1/2 Dijon Mustard,2 TBS Mayo, (Sweetner disolved Hotwater which helps to thin the dressing out!)

      For those who dont know what Black Chia Seeds are ( great source of fibre,protien,calcium) I use them to make sure Im getting heaps of fibre while Low Carbing! There is like 0.2 Gram Carb per 15gm.(thats alot of tiny chia seeds) Was my first time using them as a crumb!.... You could prob put any of your fav herbs in the crumb! But I was just experimenting =) Chia Seeds r in the health food section of coles, woolies ect!