Zucchini ‘pasta’ with caramelised red onion & Smoked salmon

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    • Zucchini ‘pasta’ with caramelised red onion & Smoked salmon

      I am making this tonight so will come back and add some photos. The sauce could also be used with low carb noodles or pasta.

      3 Large zucchinis (fat rather than long ones)
      50g butter
      200 g smoked salmon. I use Tassal Quick & Healthy Tasmanian Smoked Salmon for Cooking 200g $5.99 at Coles supermarkets
      1 lge or 2 med red onions
      Herbs, I use fennel seeds & dill
      Lemon juice
      75ml white wine (or water or stock)
      Cream (pouring, not thickened) - optional

      First julienne your zucchinis. I use a mandolin slicer - the larger julienne cutter. If you don’t have one simply slice them lengthways and then slice the other way to produce small strips.
      Blot with a tea towel and set aside in a bowl

      Slice the red onion, and chop the salmon roughly.
      Add the butter to a largish heavy bottomed frypan and set heat to low-med. I add a sprinkle of fennel seeds at this point. When the butter is melted, add the red onions, put a lid on and cook slowly, stirring round occasionally, until caramelised. This takes 15-30 mins depending on your stove, the pan and the thickness of the slices.
      After this it is pretty quick.
      Add the salmon and dill, stir through, then the julienned zucchinis. Stir for 2-3 mins, turning the zucchini strips over & through the mix. Add the lemon juice and wine/stock, plus cream if you are using it.
      Serve with salad or vegetables of choice.
      Odille -
      following Primal Lifestyle

      Low fat is so last century!