Trans Fat Is Good For You, But Only If It’s From Meat and Butter

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    • That thread title is one of the catchiest I've seen. :) When I read it, the thought came to me, "Yes. Eat real food."

      Here is the last bit of that article:


      Keep Eating Like a Predator,
      Keep Eating Real Food,
      Our conclusions should be obvious, but I’ll restate them:

      If we’ve eaten something for millions of years, the odds are very good that we’re adapted to eating it.
      Be skeptical of studies that feed fat to mice—herbivores that naturally subsist on plants and seeds.

      Whenever possible, eat real food, not supplements. You might not be getting the same benefits…or even the same nutrients.

      Most importantly: keep eating delicious fatty red meat and butter!
      LCHF Maintenance, Goal: Health First.
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