Winter lowcarbing

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    • You could make yummy mixes with mince, onion, tomato etc and wrap them in lettuce leaves to eat.

      If you're strictly counting carbs then you could have them in whatever vegetable form you like. Personally I could eat just broccoli all day at the moment, but I'm sure it would get boring.

      Hope this helps.:)
    • Hi Tassie

      I am doing low carb thru a Natropath and I count the total carbs, not the types of foods, So most of my carbs are thru cooked vegies and soups.

      If you down load the spreadsheet which is in someones diary.......
      (if someone can add the thread I would be grateful)
      Then I am sure total carbs is whats important.

      A quick soup:
      200 g cauliflower boiled in enough water to make a soup
      add a dash of curry powder
      blend till smooth

      the only carb count is in the cauli, and its warming

      p.s.: you could add a dash of cream, but don't forget the cabs etc

      Good luck Tassie
      Start: 116.4kg
      Now: 96kg (9th April)
      Goal: 76kg approx
    • A bit of cheddar in cauli soup is nice too.

      Tassie I would'nt worry about the 1 cup vegie rule and just count my carbs instead.
      Aslong as you don't go over your carb limit it does'nt matter how many vegies you eat infact the more vegies you fit in the better!.
      There are alot of vegies that are very low in carbs and allow you to have a fair bit.
      Broccoli for example is only 0.5g carbs per 100g!.

      Check out the food database on: