Thinking about starting BodyTrim?

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    • Thinking about starting BodyTrim?

      Just joined today and am slowly working my way through the threads - I'm thinking about starting BodyTrim, but not to sure about some of the neg reports about them overcharging folks on their credit cards. Thoughts and suggestions welcome. Then of course there is the program itself, how easy/hard is it, success rates, etc...... :confused:
    • Re: Thinking about starting BodyTrim?

      hi weegwa,
      I have just started bodytrim and I am on my 2nd week. I have found it great. It has been easy to do with a family as well as at work.
      Takes a bit of planning to make sure you have the right foods on hand all the time. I find its much harder to slip up if the right choice is available.
      There is heaps of threads on here and heaps of people doing BT, so youll be sure to get good advice at any time.

      Welcome and good luck:D
    • Re: Thinking about starting BodyTrim?

      Weegwa ...

      they won't overcharge you ... but if you buy the program from them directly, you get 6 weeks free 'Trim Club' membership, and when that's over, they start charging you automatically to remain a member, until you specifically tell them to stop. Their invoice will say this, but it's fine print and most miss it.

      Note, you can (currently) enjoy the Bodytrim forum without being a Trim Club member, but most of the other information on their website requires membership.

      All that said, most of that information is available here, in these forums.

      Suggestion: buy the program from somewhere other than Bodytrim directly, sign up for the forums there, but remain here too. Then you'll get the best of both worlds, without the hassle of dealing with the Bodytrim company directly. If you're curious to purchase their food products they can also be found at many Priceline stores, and on ebay. :)

      Good luck.
    • Re: Thinking about starting BodyTrim?

      Welcome Weegwa :)

      No reason you can't start the diet now, plenty of information here already, look for the Bodytrim Diet 2 thread as well as the Bodytrim in a Nutshell thread :)
      Low Carb in a Nutshell ~ Carb Counts ~ Research ~ Measurements/Conversions ~ Glossary

      Let me know if you think of anything else handy from the site to put here.
    • Re: Thinking about starting BodyTrim?

      I did the same Weegwa. I bought it from somewhere else (just Big W from memory) and never gave them my credit card details as I had heard poeple say they start charging and then to get them to stop was a nightmare.

      The program itself I find fastastic. And I agree with Sherrie, get started on your PO days now so it's out of the way for you. There's loads of info available and the PO days are really easy to know what to do (since it's protein only!)
    • Re: Thinking about starting BodyTrim?

      Hi Weegwa

      Im new here too and started bodytrim on Tuesday, although I have purchased the whole program it hasnt arrived yet, but I started from info on this forum (I was reading a while before I joined).

      As another poster said- when I ordered BT they made it very clear about the free memebrship time limit and said to phone them so I dont get extra charges on my credit card- they made sure this was very clear (they mentioned this a few times I recall).

      So far I am on day 5 today and lost 3.6kg so far so I am very pleased with it- the hardest thing is remembering to eat the snacks (I was never a big snacker- just a huge meal eater).

      I have a lot to learn and will keep reading on these forums, hope to 'see you around' - but enjoy your toasted marshmallows and holiday!
    • Re: Thinking about starting BodyTrim?

      weegwa wrote:

      ..... excuse I know, but on holiday and toasting marshmallows round the campfire is kinda better fun at the moment

      Can't be that much fun, you're here :D
      Low Carb in a Nutshell ~ Carb Counts ~ Research ~ Measurements/Conversions ~ Glossary

      Let me know if you think of anything else handy from the site to put here.
    • Re: Thinking about starting BodyTrim?

      doni wrote:

      Can anyone tell me where I can currently buy the BT system apart from BT direct ?
      I'm in Adelaide and BigW doesn't have it here and I've no idea where else to try.....

      G'day Doni, I bought my new BT kit - book, dvd, crappy pedometer that doesn't work and other bits and pieces - off ebay and it arrived to me within 3 days from Queensland to Victoria, which I was most impressed with considering I have heard if you buy the BT kit from actual BT it can take up to 2 weeks for delivery...
      Cheers, Jules
    • Re: Thinking about starting BodyTrim?

      I was curious as to the cost and went and had a look at the website.


      They must be raking it in, considering (just my opinion, and absolutely no offence meant to anyone here, we're all just trying to improve our health) it is just a combination of Atkins and Protein Power. Sorry but I think it is a total rip off and they should be shot.

      I'd rather use the money to buy steaks
      Odille -
      following Primal Lifestyle

      Low fat is so last century!
    • Re: Thinking about starting BodyTrim?

      I totally agree with you Analog6...I wished I had come here first prior to purchasing my BT kit, this site has a world of information for any low carber, whichever eating plan you decide upon such as Atkins, BT , etc and could have got away with learning the rules on here rather than forking out money. I purchased mine from ebay and it only cost me $105, I am so glad I didn't pay the $149 they are selling it at! After I had my twins years ago I did Atkins and lost 62kg's, but have gradually put it on over the past 4 years, due to laziness in exsercise and wayyyy tooo many carbs, so starting over...Thought this time I would try something different and do BT only to find out after reading the BT book and watching the dvd's it is basically low carbing...But it will still be an exciting journey of weight loss again. It has only been a week and my confidence has already taken a perkier attitude. Loving this website, everyone is just so lovely and helpful, so refreshing.