Woolies fish in a bag

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    • Woolies fish in a bag

      Hi all,

      You may have noticed that Woolies is now offering a new service with the purchase of Salmon. They will put it in a oven bag with your choice of 4 marinades for free. All you have to do is throw it in the oven for 20 mins and out comes a beautiful marinated Salmon. I have tried 2 marinades and they are nice and convenient.

      Yesterday at the Easter Show, I was able to talk to company representatives that provide the bags and marinade and they gave me a nutrition fact sheet on their product.

      Unfortunately, although some of the marinades sounds like they may be low carb (I think there is an olive oil and garlic one), they are all carrying a bit of sugar, 5g per serve if memory serves. So thought I would share in case anyone was curious.
    • Re: Woolies fish in a bag

      I did feel that I was stating the obvious with this post but there was 1 marinade in particular (cannot remember name 100%) that did not suggest too much sugar to me so it was a surprise.

      I made a comment about the sugar to the company representative and the reply was something to do with needing it to preserve the ingredients. I don't know how much of that is true but I doubt it.

      Oh well, guess it isn't as bad as the chocolate covered masrhmallows I saw so many people munching on yesterday.