Clothes for sale - pants 24 & up

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    • Clothes for sale - pants 24 & up

      Sherrie - is it OK to put these here? - if not please do not hesitate to delete.

      The fantastic benefit of losing all this weight - four pants sizes to date - is that the size 16-18s I had put away to sell now fit, it is my 24-26s I am selling. Yippee! (And I desperately need some new over the shoulder boulder holders so this might help there LOL!)

      So, without further ado. I will list these, if anyone wants a photo I will be taking them and putting them up on Photobucket, with numbers to match, but it will be a day or so. Email me at if you need an urgent gecko! Skirts and tops still being sorted.

      POSTAGE EXTRA. Aus Post have 500g pre-paid satchels for $7.50. The heaviest pair of pants are 400g so this would be fine for one pair. 3kg satchels are $11.40. NOTE these are NOT the Express satchels, they are more. You can pay by Paypal or direct deposit whichever you prefer. Paypal is the same as the email.

      P001 TAUPE - Denim 24/7 brand purchased from the US ( and worn twice. Size (US 28W) Aus 2 sizes bigger (I converted the wrong way when I bought these!). Elastic waist, side seam pockets, polyester. Cool and comfortable. $10

      The next three items are from Fitting Image and are all lovely heavy polyester crepe with the most beautiful fit and hang. They are absolute favourites and I have had one pair taken in but they are still now far too big. Really classy pants. Note, NO POCKETS! $15 per pair - they were over $70 new.

      P002 NAVY - Fitting Image brand, size 26, navy crepe with flat zip and button front, elasticised back, need some hemming as when I lost weight they got a bit long and I trod on the hem! $15

      P003 CREAM - Fitting Image brand, size 26, cream crepe with flat zip and button front, flat back, elasticised sides. These are a bit extra special as the inside edges of the waist are finished with satin bias binding, really nice. Have been taken in but just side darts, can easily be undone. $15

      P004 PINK - Fitting Image brand, size 24, soft pink colour crepe with flat zip and button front, elasticised back, need some hemming as when I lost weight they got a bit long and I trod on the hem! $15

      P005 WHITE - Casual ¾ pants from WOMAN brand. White poly cotton with elasticised drawstring waist, side seam pockets. Green braid to front leg hems. Very cool & comfortable $7.50

      P006 KHAKI - NOW (K Mart) elastic waist, polyester but cotton look, size 24, cool & comfortable casuals $7.50

      Next 2 pairs the same except for colour & size. Expression brand, polyester/elastane so some stretch in them, elastic waist but it is flat, no gathers show. No pockets. If you are very tall they will be shorter than full length but they are longer than ¾ - were full length to all intents and porpoises for me (170cm). Comfortable and nice for autumn/winter. Both in good condition $10 each

      P007 NAVY - size 26

      P008 CREAM - size 24
      Odille -
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