Anti-Caking Agents

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    • Anti-Caking Agents

      Firstly I want to apoligize if information regarding this topic has already been covered on here...

      I just thought it was interesting...It is always something I have wondered, what actually is anti-caking agent made from... I naively always thought it was made from some sort of flour, so steered away from it due to added carbs, be that in shredded cheeses, milk powders, instant soup powders, drinking chocolate and so on...There is a few stories as to what anti-caking agent is made from, but one thing for sure is that it is full of preservatives and additives... I am not sure if I am allowed to add any links, so I will refrain, but it is definitely worth a read to inform yourself...Some sites say it is made of substances such as starch, magnesium carbonate, and silica and are added to fine-particle solids, where other sites claim is it made of potato starch and plastic...If you google Low Carb Winnipeg What's The Problem With Shredded Cheese, you will find the story relating to the plastic added...

      Again, there are some contradicting stories with what anti-caking agent is made from, but none-the-less, it sounds like it is best to steer clear of it...

      Cheers, :D
    • Re: Anti-Caking Agents

      The whole idea of low carb ( at least the ones I have looked into - Atkins, Protein Power, Primal and Paleo, in fresh vegetables and foodstuffs and avoid packaged goods. Yes, I know some push their own processed goods but the basic premise is still fresh.

      My main concern would be the aluminium products used in anti caking agents. A good article here and it has an interesting list of links to references at the bottom. I like the last sentences best:

      "This recent study confirms what many readers already know. Avoid powdered, "fake" foods with additives and stick to a diet consisting of fresh, whole, and preferably organic foods."
      Odille -
      following Primal Lifestyle

      Low fat is so last century!
    • Re: Anti-Caking Agents

      Moving to a whole food unprocessed diet is the biggest benefit I have got from going to low carb, it really is a lifestyle change for the better rather than a quick fix for the waist line and this wasn't obvious to me until I started to research this way of eating.

      Even before going low carb though, I was always confused by people on calorie restricted diets drinking protein shakes. Any whole food providing the same amount of protein is going to keep you full for longer than a protein shake. I would say Satiety is a main issue on calorie restricted diets for most people looking to lose weight.

      I apologise for going off topic I just feel the multi billion dollar supplements industry isn't much better than the industry telling us we need carbs and fat is bad.