Sugarless lollies much is 2 much

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    • Sugarless lollies much is 2 much

      Hi all there is probably an answer somewhere in the forums but i couldnt find it..i just got onto the sugarless lollies and ive kinda been hitting them a bit hard the last few days....about a small pack a day...anyway ive kind of stalled the last few days with my weight sitting on around 103 kg after starting at 108 kg 2 weeks ago..i havent had much energy to do much training which i hope will change soon but in saying that i surf a few times a week but prob not enough to burn too much fat.i survived almost 2 weeks of the induction phase(11 days) before i hit the sugar free lolly range...can someone please give me a guide on how many of those bad boys i can consume a day without doing me 47 years old and 5ft 10 tall and really had a shock when i was put onto cholesterol tabs a few months ago...i hate the idea of having to take pills for the rest of my life....need to shed at least another 15kilo to be at the right weight....any help is trully appreciated on the lolly question....i hate having a sweet tooth so much lol
    • Re: Sugarless lollies much is 2 much

      Well, aside from them having a laxative effect when eaten in large quantities ... things to consider ...

      * you're only using them as a crutch to satisfy your sweet tooth, that you should've helped do away with during detox
      * they're 99% artificial, what are all those additives and chemicals doing to you?
      * they do actually contain calories, despite being sugar free, which is slowing down your weight loss

      I try to eat very few of them. Most days none, other days one or two. If I *really* get a craving, I might have half a dozen or ten, but that's like once a month (you know what I mean) :)

      Remember, real food is best. Have you tried sucking a piece of licorice root? it's naturally sweet.
    • Re: Sugarless lollies much is 2 much

      I got mine from a the tea shop in Sassafras, but I'm sure any good health food shop would be able to help you.

      There are also some sweets out there that are sweetened with stevia, etc, which wouldn't be as bad, if you can source them. But again, you'd just be feeding the carb craving.
    • Re: Sugarless lollies much is 2 much

      Yeah I would get out of the habit of those lollies which are well known to cause stalls. Chromium can help with sweet cravings.
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