Dairy and bodytrim

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    • Dairy and bodytrim

      Hi Folks,

      I picked up the bodytrim DVDs from a garage sale and they didn't come with all the extra info which may have answered this question!

      I know the BT program doesn't advocate dairy but 'tolerates' it... This is one stumbling block that won't really work for me! I would like to know how much dairy I'm allowed and whether there are substitutes... Namely, I have a coffee each morning but it's from a machine, so it's 1/3 coffee to 2/3rds milk... I make it myself so I know exactly what goes into it! So, if I use skim milk can I still have my morning coffee?? Or should I switch to soy will that be any better?

      How about cheese? I picked up a block in the supermarket and was surprised to see it was mostly protein with almost a nil carb content... But I realise the fat content is much higher... So can we include cheese in our 'protein only' snacks if it's sparingly?

      Finally, I'm not a massive fan of the chemically produced sugar substitutes. I would normally have a teaspoon of sugar in my coffee and apart from the occasional diet soft drink, really tried to avoid products with aspartame in them due to the whole carcinogen thing... My husband's Mum died as a result of cancer a few years ago, so it's a bit of a sticking point around here :-/

      Are there any non-chemical sugar substitutes which would be acceptable under a low carb diet regime?
    • Re: Dairy and bodytrim

      Hey Ange,

      Im also new to the BT system, day 2 of phase 2 for me, there is a thread on here which helped me out alot.. apinchofhealth.com/forum/vbb/showthread.php?t=8647&page=59

      on the first page of "in a nutshell" is a list of foods that you can have while doing BT..

      I think when it comes to dairy you should try to avoid it while in phase two (weight loss phase) but im not a coffee drinker so i havent really had to know if milk is okay so maybe search that one in the search field or on google..

      As for the sugar, after the 3 day detox phase you might not even feel like it ? I dont really feel like eating sugar, occasional craving which only lasts a few seconds but after making it through the three days i dont feel like i get desperate for something sweet anymore.. so maybe wait and see how you feel ..

      thats all i know raelly too coz i dont have the books but i hope someone else can answer your questions..

      one other thing you could try looking through the bodytrim recipe thread and see if any of them are using dairy etc ..

      good luck :)
    • Re: Dairy and bodytrim

      Thanks Lil :) I did have a look at those threads and printed a bunch of stuff out to go on our fridge but still scratching my head about the dairy thing :-/ Also found online a product called Xylitol which is a naturally occurring sweetener (from tree bark and corn cobs) with negligible carbohydrate loading... Unfortunately, it's about $30 a kilo!!

      I saw online someone actually swapped their starchy carb in the morning for milk so what I ended up doing was having a boiled egg, half a piece of toast and a small soy milk latte... No sugar or chocolate powder :-o And you're right, I didn't really miss them... Although the coffee in itself tasted so thoroughly different to what I'm used to being it was a soy latte, I suppose a part of it could be my body just viewed it as a new drink altogether as opposed to something that's changed and isn't quite as good anymore!

      All in all, feeling full and ready to conquer the day! :)
    • Re: Dairy and bodytrim

      Welcome Ange :)

      It's only one coffee, what I would do is see how it effects you. I'm not on BT but if it was me I would choose full fat milk over soy milk any day. I'm not sure what your machine is like but with mine at home I make the ratio more like 2/3 water by doubling my shots.

      You will find xylitol cheaper then that usually, try your local health food shop.
      Low Carb in a Nutshell ~ Carb Counts ~ Research ~ Measurements/Conversions ~ Glossary

      Let me know if you think of anything else handy from the site to put here.
    • Re: Dairy and bodytrim

      It was coke for me... I used to love love love it.. and before i started BT I started drinking coke zero.. i used to say its NOTHING like coke.. but after the first few days I drank it instead of coke I got used to it and now i actually like it better then coke... the way you look at things is positive which is great, but like sherrie says its only one coffee.. and BT do say "dont sweat the small stuff" :)